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Can I Love You? [by windxalchemist]

 Title: Can I Love You?
Word Count: 1,012
Characters: Ichigo, Orihime, Nel, Rukia [indirect]
Parings: One sided IchiOri, IchiRuki (absence of Rukia)
Rating: K+
DISCLAIMER: Obviously this writing is mine, but the characters aren’t. If they were, IchiRuki would be official canon and this wouldn’t be called fanfiction, ne? [;
This is my first time trying to write Orihime. I hope that I DIDN’T totally kill off her personality, if I did, I really really apologize. T^T
This is that damned IchiOri fic that I swore to never write. It's one-sided IchiOri action.

She was frantic.
Here in the recesses of Las Noches, she couldn’t find any of her other nakama. Everything was wrong, oh so wrong. She had never meant for things to become this way. Coming to Hueco Mendo was supposed to save her friends, not have them follow her all the way to the pits of hell.
He had been severely injured. All because of her.
“I’m so sorry, Kurosaki-kun,” she whispered quietly, as she began to summon Shun Shun Rikka once more.
The skin on his face had turned a sickly pale color, blood was splattered all over his tattered robes. His injuries would have been irrevocable for any human technique. She shuddered at the thought that if she didn’t have Shun Shun Rikka, he’d be dead.
Nel in her younger form was sleeping next to her; the battle had depleted her of energy as well.
As she concentrated all of her energy on healing the boy in front of her, she watched in delight at the color returning to his cheeks. Time turned back for her Kurosaki-kun as his robes began to weave themselves back into repair. His erratic breathing returned to normal. And within a matter of minutes, she had him back as good as new.
Orihime sat there in worry, watching him sleep away the pain of battle. Her thoughts drifted back to the last time that they were in such a predicament. That last time, she had almost…almost kissed him.
Immediately, she fels her cheeks starting to burn up, even with Kurosaki-kun in his unconscious state. She let her amber eyes shift towards his face. She soaked in the sleeping image of his face: the prominent jawline, his straight nose, the shock of orange hair. His rugged kindness, gentle moments, passion to protect others, everything. It would have been all she could ask for, had all of it not been directed towards another person.
She flinched at the thought of her name. Kuchiki-san was her friend, someone that she could depend on. She shouldn’t be jealous, or dislike her. Kuchiki-san was an amazing person, someone who Kurosaki-kun deserved.
Orihime bit at her lip nervously.
She wouldn’t take advantage of Kurosaki-kun like this. Not in the pits of hell. She couldn’t.
Could she?
But Kuchiki-san already had every part of Kurosaki-kun. Couldn’t she, Orihime, have him for this, just this once?
Taking in a deep breath, she leaned down, grabbing hold of the boy’s hand. She closed her eyes, anticipating the moment that their lips would meet. The was almost unbearable as her lips contacted his. She savored in the warmth of his lifeless lips. Orihime nearly sighed in happiness, when suddenly the lips beneath hers began to move. Her eyes widened until she saw that his eyes were still closed. She marveled in the moment, but when she heard a groan rumble from his throat, the girl knew that it was time to pull away.
Kurosaki-kun stirred, and he murmured the very thing that she wished not to hear.
She began to chew at her lower lip, overwhelmed by several emotions at once: ecstasy, pain, hopelessness, betrayal, and the adrenaline rushing through her veins. Orihime diverted her glance on her fidgeting fingers. The girl could feel her heart crumbling. Of course it would end this way. She knew that it would. Kurosaki-kun knew nothing about her feelings. All she could do was wish for him to turn around, just once, and notice her, Inoue Orihime, as something other than a nakama.
The sounds of the rustling of his robes made presence in her ears.
She looked up at him, feigning surprise.
“Oh, Kurosaki-kun. You’re awake!” she plastered a fake, cheery mask onto her pretty face.
“Yeah,” he absently answered, mind obviously preoccupied with other matters. “Thanks for healing me,” he then added, flexing his wrist.
“Ah! Yes! Um – it was no problem!” She humbly responded, giving him a smile.
She watched as his eyes trailed towards Nel.
“Is Nel, you know, okay?” he answered, worried, not facing her.
“Yes. She should be fine after a good sleep.”
His eyes failed to meet hers as he faced what would be the horizon. Old habits die hard.
“Well, we need to hurry. I still have to save Rukia, Chad, Renji, and Ishida, don’t I?”
Orihime felt her pretty mask fall apart as she remembered Kurosaki-kun’s true objective. She closed her eyes, sighing sadly, before she opened them once more. She knew that this couldn’t go on. This was the end.
 As Kurosaki-kun got up, she could hear the cracking of his bones. He gave a short stretch, before walking over to Nel.
“Let’s go, Nel. We need to save Rukia,” he softly said, lifting her small sleeping body into his left arm.
She remained kneeling in the sand as he faced away from her once more.
“I hope you can keep up, Inoue. It’s a long way towards Rukia.”
Immediately, Orihime stood up, patting away at the dust on her dress. She was going to start on her biggest journey yet. She was going to walk towards the end.
“I’ll try my best, Kurosaki-kun.”
But her reply was carelessly ignored; his mind was already elsewhere, far away from here, with her. He seemed to exude great energy at the prospect of going after Kuchiki-san. She could see a ghost of a smile flicker upon his face. She didn’t have to be a mind-reader to know that Kurosaki-kun was happiest when he was with Kuchiki-san.
“I’m coming, Rukia,” he vowed.
Their eyes failed to meet again when he began to set a quick pace towards Kuchiki-san’s reiatsu.
Her heart, still throbbing with the ache, felt just that much lighter, and she knew that she would be okay, even with this pain. As Orihime followed behind Kurosaki-kun, she stood with her back a little straighter, her chin a little higher, and with more confidence in her air.
Here, in the pits of hell, she, Inoue Orihime, would learn to walk by herself once more even after her ending.
I wanted to make a revelation fic. I don’t know if I got the point across that she was going to give up on him. I hope that this was adequate. I quite enjoyed writing in Orihime’s point of view. It was very…natural. I felt like it was me who was trying to get over a crush, and not just her. It was a new experience. :D

EDIT: Debbie asked me to change the pairings to something stronger than IchiRuki. XD And I wrote "IchiRuki (with the absence of Rukia)" I don't know if that'll cut it either. It's really hard to explain it with the absence of Rukia. Argh. Any suggestions?

Tags: ichigo, ichiruki, nel, orihime, rukia
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