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Bleach 305 Spoiler and the Death of Ships

Translation of spoiler from our friend Epsilonium in China and how this chapter kills a half dozen ships:

Read this... it looks like Mayuri is quite the protective daddy of Nemu.... he booby-trapped her uterus... yeah, and no one can "penetrate" her without being poisoned.

Translation of the Himajin spoiler here.
let me summarize also...it's gonna take too much time if I did it sentence by sentence.

* Szayel proudly talks a lot at the beginning
* the cover page is the "glasses" in pose of Christ, blood at his mouth
* Mayuri reaches Nemu, and Nemu says "I...am...sorry.....", and Mayuri turns to Szayel
* Mayuri: Interesting (*grin*) so...is that all? (with regret?
Szayel: ...What?
Mayuri: Don't you say that was all? It should match the title "perfect life" you have said, ain't you still hiding some abilities? eh? It shouldn't be something to disappear after showing I suppose. Don't be a cheapskate, show it at once
* Szayel throws the AshisogiJizou at Mayuri. Mayuri is crushed, but the Jizou melts.
* Mayuri: well well...did you thing a tool will be safe after rebelling its master? It is already converted so if it bit me it will kill itself
* Szayel feels something wrong, and his vision suddenly gets dark.
* Mayuri: Inside Nemu's body there are some potions. If something eats Nemu or enters her body, the potion will be applied.
* The potion set to where Szayel deposited the egg is what Mayuri calls "Superman Potion". It lets one to see things as if time has suddenly gotten slower, as pro fighters would see swords to stop.
* Mayuri: When the feelig is sharpened to its height, that kind of thing occurs. This potion forces it to. Basically anybody would be able to get the sensation of a superman.
* Szayel: (the words are too slow to hear...)
* Mayuri: are you keeping up with me, Espada? Using this potion, even a baby would be able to see a bullet as if it is stopping (in the air). I guess you, being the "superman", are bored with my talking since you'd hear it slow.
* Mayuri points his blade to Szayel, and says that the potion can stretch the sansation of time slowing to millions of times.(so...even the real "superman" would have the sansation for only a moment, but the potion would allow to have the sansation continuing for so long)
* Mayuri: Dilution a drop of this potion into 250000 times would be the suitable juice for use, but I had set the original potion (=250000 times dense...omg=□=; ) for you. Right now, you would be feeling one second as long as one hundred years. Accordingly, this moment of reaching you would be stretched to hundreds of moderate years in your feeling.
* Mayuri: And in contrast of that "Superman sensation," your "non-superman body" would fall behind at horrible rate.
* Mayuri's blade goes through Szayel's hand, and is right before stinging heart
* Mayuri: Feel thoroughly, until the dripping fluid turns into dust, the sansation of my blade taking a hundred years to pierce your heart.
* Mayuri: "Have a nice trip to a hundred years after!" (nice translation, Danna...I couldn't come up with anything else)
* Aori is: And then....the Darkness.

So much for those Ikkaku/Nemu and Ishida/Nemu ships. *takes off hat* I find it really amusing when fans try to taunt me with "omg, there was SO much IshiNemu in that last chapter!" when I've written and quasi-shipped that pair before in the glorious land of fanfic. But as for canon---well, seems no one can touch Nemu but Mayuri. I've insisted for years that it was dark, implied incestuous thing. Nemu is tragic character supreme. Mayuri is the shit of the world.

Some Quincy come to kill him, pronto (Ohhhhh Ryuuken????)

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