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If you haven't heard the news by now; in brief this is the "shocker" spoiler for 304 and it just crowned Szayel Queen of Hueco Mundo and initiated the season of Szayelmas across the Bleach fandom far and wide.

* Rukia wakes up and talks with Byakuya, Ichigo asks Inoue to heal Nell

* Chad is revived also. Szayel survives by impregnating Nemu and being reborn

* Szayel tells of Fornicaras’s most important ability which he is also most proud of/boasts about.

* “The Annunciation (gaburie-ru) Gabriel(?)” It allows him to impregnate the enemy with himself.

* It involves penetrating the body/internal organs and leaving his spawn inside. The body is completely taken over before long.

* While pregnant and giving birth the mother is kept barely alive. Mayuri does an introduction and says …ho….

* So he has regenerated and returned for a rematch! And the fight of Aporro continues..

I had a delightful time on the forums today. From the comparisons of Szayel and powers to the Holy Trinity and/or Gaia/Shiva/Krishna to people making fun of Mayuri's one line ("ho") by comparing him to Santa Claus (my beloved Guildenstern said he was just badmouthing Nemu) to all sorts of speculation about Kubo's mental state (I swear, I swear--he and Kishimoto are smoking the same stuff together and giggling like schoolgirls---that's why there was a pregnant Orihime look-alike last week in Naruto)

This has been my favorite fan comment so far:

on another note... what the hell is KT on???
I'm really pissed off, the special chapter last week proved that he is capable of writing a good story.... its like he is doing this on purpose....

I want that on an icon. Or maybe I should make myself a t-shirt that says "I am married to Kubo Tite's authorial intent."

Also, in less Szayelistic news, there's a new interview from Kubo that came out with the latest movie promo and in it he says that Unohana won't be fighting soon because he's already got her fight planned for the next arc. The tidbit is over in the Kubo interviews thread at BA here
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