_debbiechan_ (_debbiechan_) wrote in bleachness,

Bleach Asylum Festive Season 2007 Orihime fanart

I finished it! Thank you to those who offered suggestions on it---yes, wicked_liz  I got rid of the visible panties. We now have here a family-friendly art entry for the BA contest. People, go here for details about the contest! Join the fun!

Warning for indiscriminate use of glitter and hairpins as snowflakes:

The Deviant Art link is here: Bleach Asylum Festive Season 2007

My sweet rabbi dungeon sent me this goofy gift from the Anime Expo in New York City! <3 I love how his little cross is coming unstuck and his Quincy clothes are all wrinked from the fun.

Next up, an analysis of the Ishida poll and my entry for the IshiIchi community fic contest 2007. Happy holidays everyone! Hanukah's over but here comes Christmas! (watch my kids take advantage of both holidays from Jewish and Christian relatives... we don't know any pagans but if there's gift-giving on the solstice, my kids will dig up some pagans in our family tree).
Tags: cosplay, fanart, orihime
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