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Two Byakuya x Yachiru fics

Hey, it's my first posting to Bleachness. :)

I haven't shared these fics with any lj community yet. It's my favorite crack pairing, Byakuya x Yachiru. (Yes, don't shoot me.) Both stories have implied Ichigo x Rukia and Ishida x Orihime, if you happen to like those pairings too.

title: The Nature of Collapse
author: Laurie Bunter
rating: This is only a T or a T+
genre: fluff, comedy, romance
spoilers: Hueco Mundo arc
fair warning: I was going for light sensuality here since I didn't have it in me to go all-out pron the first time around. Still, it's fairly OOC.
summary: A serendipitous accident in Hueco Mundo forces Byakuya to confront unresolved issues with a certain pink-haired vice-captain much sooner than he expected.

The Nature of Collapse

Some friends and readers suggested a hentai sequel, and after a lot of thinking I eventually wrote one -- to very mixed reactions. (shrugs)

title: Uncertainty Principle
author: Laurie Bunter
rating: X
genre: hentai, drama, romance
spoilers: Hueco Mundo arc -- Chapters 301-302
warning: If you have a hard time imagining Yachiru as an adult, you might have a hard time with this one. :) I did get over my pron scruples, after all.
summary:Five months after "The Nature of Collapse," Yachiru decides she's tired of playing the waiting game. Byakuya has nowhere to hide from her in his own household.

It's an adult game of tag -- and they both need to stop running.

Uncertainty Principle
Tags: byakuya, fanfiction
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