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Hitsugaya chapter, Orihime fanart by gallo_de_pellea

Well, um, yeah.... this week's chapter is 24 pages of Hitsugaya backstory, apparently drawn to coincide with the release of the all-Hitsugaya Bleach movie.  I'm one of those who doesn't understand the Shiro-chan phenomenon, but I do like the little grumpus and this chapter sounds good--even if pure fanservice for HitsuHina and HitsuMatsu!  Bring it on, Kubo. If your editors are running the show this much, then I fully expect IchiRuki fanservice soon---and a little IchiIshi  UST might be good while we're at it! Feed usssss, we are your ravenous fans.

Anyway, still no popularity poll announcements and we have to wait until next week for a "shock" during the mad scientist duel. In the meantime, to assuage your impatience--Tah-dah! A bleachness  exclusive! From the brilliant gallo_de_pelea ! A shimmering rendering of Inoue Orihime!

Tasteful nudity. Not work safe.

I love her fingernails there, not to mention those perfect nipples. *sigh* I want to be able to draw nipples like that.

EDIT: Ugh, dumb me. I uploaded on photobucket where the pic was promptly kicked off! Anyway, you should be able to see it now under the cut and here on Deviant Art where it is, unfortunately, censored a little.
Tags: fanart, gallo_de_pelea, hitsugaya, orihime
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