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Kubo confirms his genius!

Who is the mysterious girl in Volume 1


Mel is continuing to translate bits and pieces from the databooks (eta: AND the artbook) and oh what yummies they are! (Who wants to take up a collection so we can send Mel an orchard of holiday fruits and candies and rose and love and stuff???!!!She's given Bleachers so MUCH already this holiday!)

Remember when everyone was going "ooh ahh" because Hirako was on that page and we all thought Kubo was a super-genius for planning out his story that far in advance? KUBO ADMITS TO HIS GENIUS! (he is teh batman). )The guy in the pageboy is indeed Hirako, he says, but the unidentified woman--not Masaki, not Rangiku, not an as-yet-to-make-her-entrance character.

Just someone Kubo wrote out of the script!

From Bleach Asylum here's the pic from the artbook and Mel's translation of Kubo's quote:

Originally Posted by Melodymix View Post

So yearning! After colouring in the background characters, I put a colour tone over it. The second person from the right is Hirako. There is also a girl on the left side on Orihime, but that girl doesn’t appear in the manga. I was planning to make her one of Ichigo’s classmate. Ichigo’s wristwatch was a watch I used to use.

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