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Even the Hollow Think Ishida is Gay! XD chpt 256

Oh Kubo, how could I have doubted you!  The raw is out for 256 and it's not boring at all--it's HILARIOUS

First Renji is making CRAZY faces like he does in the filler, and then, oh, oh, oh, the comedic duo of the arc!

Pesh (thinking): No way… this guy actually remembered my full name when I only said it once!
Pesh (thinking): This guy… could he be…

Pesh: Could you be… in love with me?
  (said upside down with ass in air while looking through legs XDXDXDXD!)
Pesh: You are, aren’t you…

Ishida: Why would I be!?
Ishida: Why are you saying such weird things all of a sudden!!

They do George Burns and Gracie for pages and pages.

The reason I don't believe Ishida is gay: Everyone thinks he is and he's always mildly puzzled. He has uber gay characteristics but (to me) but he's a false positive on the gaydar. Also, he clearly has a thing for Orihime (which actually is not too strange for gay guys in their teens but Ishida's seems REALLY intense and chivalrous and butch).

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