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These damn DATABOOKS NEED TO BE ALL TRANSLATED. SO MUCH YUMMY STUFF WITHIN THEM. Today Michsi at BA posted a link to a NF Forum Thread with translations of captain and vice captain personality tidbits! Kira is a poet!

Yeah, news to me. Yachiru steals carp and a good many of the officers in the Gotei 13 appear to be publishing authors. Me wants "top secret info" about my Shinigami!

Also, there's one of those promotionary blurbs from Kubo on the back cover that talks of his involvement. Sounds like typical promo politeness but seems to guarantee against huge glaring errors against his precious authorial intent. As Cez, who translated the blurb, says--about maybe 70% of the book is canon-reliable. The books are, after all, a secondary source--but I'm all into secondary and tertiary sources the way Jews love Talmud and graduate students hate bibliography class.

translation by Cezaria

Sorry to make you waiting!

For ages, readers have been egging me to do an official character book. It's finally published now.

Soon, the first Jump Animation book will be published. I did the covers for both, I used English for both covers, I wrote poems for both books, I drew short stories for both books, and I checked it over and over... A lot was done, in other words. It wasn't just me, the art design people and editors have helped me with lots of things. For example the character designs and designs of Soul Society and Rukongai, and a lot of things that I wanted to write were written (by them).

This book was created for everyone. Please enjoy it without holding back. And after I told myself "aren't you the author?" I was hopelessly hooked by the book. Let's have a race to see who finishes reading first!

See you!

DISCLAIMER (from Cezaria) : DO NOT USE THIS AS "SRS BZNS" PROOF FOR PAIRING DEBATES. THIS IS JUST A REFERENCE. I am not liable to what mistakes the Chinese translator of Souls could have made in translation. So tired of drama. Kthx.

As for the manga script that is out. BYAKUYA = LOVE and that's all this fangirl can write. Ice, Ice, Ice, baby.

Regarding LJ's new adult content flag and/or new report your neighbor and harrassment tool I'll most likely being making this community an adult one--first I have to clarify how regular members can still access the site if they are registered underage. I have some loyal, bright, mature teenage readers to consider but I'm all for making the community less accessible. Maybe I'll put a bouncer at the door. Someone like Ikkaku to screen your entrance based on what you're wearing <------sarcasm.
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