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This is how bad it gets

Yes, it's the internet. No, it's not srs bsnz. But bullying, harrassment and just plain ole anonymous asshattery--it can take its toll. I didn't make public any of the harrassing emails I got a few months ago from fandom brats (although a few of you may have been treated to the crap they posted on my friends' LJs) but since Guildenstern is a ballsier person than I am and posted what someone said to her yesterday, I thought I'd share the comment with you. So you can marvel at its brilliant meanness.

Someone wrote this to my beloved Guildy... grrr...

Because of her gracious pointing out of an entire page of MADE UP TRANSLATION in a scan chapter yesterday, Guildy has also received several harrassing emails.  My friend Cezaria, who has translated here on Bleachness, my dear who drew me that effing gorgeous Hime for my birthday, got similarly spat upon.

I'm just pissed is all. It's one thing when you do it to me. It's quite another when you attack my friends. I get heartened when people discuss shipping intelligently on this comm and then disgusted when people do crap like this. Does fandom have to be this way? Can I go Eliot Ness on their asses and try to clean up my corner of Bleach?
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