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Insane fan that I am, I'm all oooh-weeee WAITING for the fourth Bleach popularity contest poll results which should come out this week.

Results of Previous Popularity Polls

My son and I had a face-off as to whether who would win this year. Asher's favorite character is Hitsugaya and he's sure that because Hitsugaya was so close to Ichigo for the #1 spot last time (Hitsugaya 8321 and Ichigo 8370) that the little grumpy captain is going to come out on top this time. Lots of my friends are predicting that. I think Ichigo will still be the KING.

People outside of Japan could vote this year (if they could in previous years, I didn't know about it). I'm curious as to how many people voted--there seemed to be a lot of people at BA sending in their postcards. Bleach Asylum is also offering a prize to whomever gets the top 10 correct.

For the record, here's what I predicted at BA:
oh yeah, that's coming up soon, isn't it? I honestly don't think Hitsugaya is going to take the top spot. I don't think Nel's transformation happened until after voting closed so I'm going to go with who I think was tops in popularity around August....

1. Ichigo
2. Rukia
3. Hitsugaya
4. Ulquiorra
5. Grimmjow
6. Renji
7. Gin
8. Orihime
9. Uryuu
10. Urahara

I think Urahara will stay in the top 10, although if the poll were held today, that place would belong to Byakuya. I honestly think Hime will go up in ranks and that Uryuu will make the top 10 this time, considering his role in HM.

I'm analyzing this too much though and I bet I'm totally wrong!

I can't wait to see how Kubo draws his top 10 this time. The top 10 spreads are always fun. I want a bondage and black leather spread! Whips, chains, and german shepards! (jk)
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