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Correct Translation: It Matters

Manga-Rain is the slowest translator of Bleach but the best and I fault myself for not always reading their scanlations or even downloading them. I missed something important! Ju-ni is my favorite translator because of their purported accuracy, non-stilted style, and promptness, but.....THEY MADE A BIG BOO-BOO IN CHAPTER 199!

A friend who is a Crusader for Accurate Translation alerted me to the error and then posted this in BA:

Matsumoto, contrary to popular belief, NEVER said that Orihime and Ichigo HAVE A BOND

Ju-nI, to their credit, has leapt to say that this translator is now gone and that the current translator will repair this error and others.
Me, I'm just beating myself up because I never read the correct translation and in discussions always acquiesced to the idea that this chapter was a prognosticator of Orihime's becoming more and more important to Ichigo in future chapters--because Matsumoto, who must know SOMETHING, said so. I remember that when I first read the scene, I thought that I was being HUGELY biased by first thinking that Matsumoto MUST be lying to just be kind to Orihime (I knew that Rukia was more impt to Ichigo, that Mats knew this, that her coddling Hime with this stuff about Orihime's "bond" with Ichigo--apparently made up out of the blue by translator--seemed out of keeping with Mats' bold, upfront character).

Then I went along with the popular idea that Mats was telling Hime that all of Ichigo's friends were important to him and that she would be too.

KLUNK!  The truth is better. The truth has Matsumoto saying "At least you're tackling it and dealing with it on your own.  Don't you know? It's always easier to simply run away from your problems. You've tackled your feelings instead of running away. That's already very admirable, Orihime."  Way to go, Mats!  Not a word about how Orihime is worthy because she's worthy to Ichigo. The pep talk gives a thumbs up to Orihime for acknowledging her own jealousy of Rukia. Brava, Matsumoto.

Boo translators who make shit up.  Yey Kubo for such a rocking FEMINIST moment.

more on the BA thread Because people will start ship crap even when there's nothing to cry about (see the translation in the first response to this post or Cezaria's translation in the BA thread), let me CLARIFY that there is a previous page to this page in which Matsumoto says that Ichigo NEEDS "you and Kuchiki." That is not in dispute. The Ju-Ni translation on the next page doesn't even mention Ichigo, or Inoue's "bond" to Ichigo or Inoue's "uniqueness."
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