_debbiechan_ (_debbiechan_) wrote in bleachness,

Hirako's Coming, Hirako's Coming! anime 107

This January, they say, these co-called reliable sources, that the anime will return to the manga in January.  The Bound arc does seem to be wrapping up---gee whiz, Uncle Charlie!  I hope it's true.  I want to see Hirako and hear how he's voiced.

I watched 107 today and it was like cleaning my ears out after the dub.  (The dub is not bad, but it's not Bleach. Especially Urahara). Remember that we were figuring that the producers would make Ishida lose his powers again and then no one would know, so the story can continue from the manga that way? Nope, they had him lose his powers and then TELL EVERYBODY THAT HE DID.

I hope this doesn't foretell other mess-ups of the manga story.  Apparently Rukia doesn't seem to be taking off anywhere soon so she can arrive by the window....
Tags: bleach anime, hirako
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