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301 spoiler pic, new affiliate, new glee

OMG, Byakuya, could you BE any more awesome.

The pumpkin that got diced this Thanksgiving:

We have an affiliate!
bleachness is pleased to announce that it is now affiliated with glasses_bishies!
I'm still not sure what being affiliated means, exactly, but since Ishida-kun is this month's megane-kun, I was happy to be asked.

I'm so impatient and excited right now because someone I know is going to translate an old 2005 interview with Kubo in which our manga-ka was accused of having a gay relationship with his editor. XD  DISH! DISH! And more than a few people have congratulated me for the "interesting and intelligent" shipping discussion of the last entry. I always said it could be done. Maybe we can do it again sometime. I was reluctant to post that SOULs databaook translation tidbit here but I wanted to talk about it outside of the forums. I'm scared to post things in this comm sometimes now because it has more readers; just last year I was making entries like "EVIL OVERLORDS ARE HAWT" and now I feel challenged to not be so dumb.

But evil overlords ARE hawt.
Tags: bleach manga, i is not dumb no more, kubo tite, shipping
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