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Thank you for Birthday Fanarts! (Also, fic recs in this post)

Thank you to everyone who wrote me ficlets and drew fanarts for my birthday. As some of you know, it's been a hard year for me and because I never celebrate my birthday, I thought I'd do so this year. And guess what? I had a fun birthday! I wanted to share some of the lovely birthday fanarts here with
bleachness    ....

from metaphore_art

Jenni, I love this! I told you I love Orihime's "manga hair" over her "anime hair" and I'm so touched that you did this for me. Magnificent job for your first time drawing this pair!

from hidden_gems

Charlie, you're my oldest IshiHime bud. I think this is your best IshiHime drawing yet!

from edge_chan

She knows I love my Neko!Ishida. She made a little icon of this when I asked her to.

adam_epp    , you never fail to make me smile.

EDIT: ANOTHER ONE! from grass_angel
This is so fricken weird and I totally love it. Now I simply MUST have a lifesize Ishida plushie to get naked with.

And this IshiHime by LoneWolfLoverGirl warmed the cockles of my fangirl heart. (her other birthday gift to me which isn't exactly work safe can be found here: Uncharacteristic Exhibitionism)

random fic recs! All smutty!

In Want

Just a beautiful fic. The way PWP should be done. Tesla/Noitra


RenIshi smut at its finest.

Ways of Doing

Szayel Aporro and Grimmjow
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