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Plushie Love and Next Contest Ideas Wanted

Thank you,  Jean Paul, for the birthday chocolates from Japan that came in little silver wrappers and looked like condoms. Kids didn't know why Max and I were laughing when we were eating them.

Renji just came in the mail today!  He seems to be getting fresh already with my Ishida plushie.

Alright, they've asked me to turn off the camera! I think Ishida wants to stabby stab it with his little needle there.

Okay, the real reason for this post. I've had a couple suggestions for another contest. Of course I was all for holding a RenIshi fic contest (really there's not enough fic!) but evergrnterrace had this idea that we could have a sign-up---one person posts a drabble (maybe to a theme, of any ole Bleach character and pairing) and then artists post doodles/full blown illustrations to the piece of writing. Whatcha think? Any ideas? Something to get the artists to come out and play. There will be mad prizes, of course.
Tags: plushies, renishi
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