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Mere Hours Left to Vote in IshiHime Fanfic Contest, Pairings Post Rec

Well, more than mere hours but the deadline to vote is soon, this Sunday Nov 18, at the stroke of midnight, CST. The winner of the popular vote gets his or her story illustrated by the illustrious dragonboy_mt   

The 26 fics are linked here and you vote in the comments (Anonymous may vote):
Read IshiHime Fic and Vote for Your Favorites

I'm not watching the anime filler but who is this handsome dude romancing/kidnapping Rukia in it?  Kubo designed Senna and now this guy? Holy Kai, what are the movie people making him do?  One brief comment about chapter 300:

Byakuya is PIIIIIISSSSED. That's the most emotion we've seen from him ever. Woot. Such an enjoyable fight too---(the buildings blowing up stuff wears on my nerves--Grimmjow's elbow ceros put me to sleep). Hanatarou ... let's just say that I'm easily fanserviced. I love Hana.

EDIT: More about the pissy Byakuya that I wrote in the chapter thread at BA in response to someone who observed that Bya wasn't behaving in the way befitting a noble---

We see Byakuya displaying more anger in this chapter than we've ever seen him show before. Not noble behavior--not quite in keeping with his character. And as with all characters struggling against their facades, Byakuya just pumps up the arrogance in this scene. The truth is that he is vulnerable because he 1) cares about Rukia 2) needs to win to save her life. This will be his redemptive fight. Blocking the killer blow from Gin wasn't enough. That scene showed us a changed Byakuya. Here, we're getting actual character development as he fights, not out of obligation to law as he did when he fought Ichigo, but for a REAL purpose.

I love this fight. Grimmjow's elbow ceros blowing things up put me to sleep but here we have odd powers and Byakuya's intelligence on display--his slashing his leg was a powerful move. Also, "amore"--I don't think we've seen the last of that wordplay. Kubo stuck a lovely little poem in there about Le Roux's power being that which STEALS sovereignty. That's a set up if I ever saw one --WHAT oh what can steal Byakuya's attitude? We already know that Hisana made him humble himself; he broke the rules by marrying a lower caste person. Love does rule all.

Read this:

The Great Comparison Post in the IchiRuki FC at BA by syneiam . Solid, simple, nearly irrefutable  (refute away--I like to argue) stuff. A comparison of the IchiRuki vs IchiOri relationship. Shippers, watch your step on the loading ramp.
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