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Magic Eight Ball Google Image Game

I'm so avoiding Real Life.

You know that meme that's going around where you fill out a profile by asking Google some benign question like "what was your first job?" and then you choose a Google image from the first page that comes up and post said image?  I decided to play magic eight  ball with Bleach questions and Google.  Google is PROPHETIC.  SPOILERS BELOW (seriously, for chapter 300)

1. What will LeRoux do with his pumpkin brujeria?

Couldn't help but ask THE shipping question.

2. Who does Ichigo truly love?

So the answer is Kon? o.O  ( I just love that the words "love" and "Ichigo" brought this manga image up all over the place)

3. Will Mayuri bottle Szayel?

I take this to mean that there is no definitive answer but everyone's curious.

4. Who is the Primera Espada?

haha, that's some dude from Bleach Asylum.

5. Will Ishida ever get his stomach back?

I'm going to take that as a yes.

6. Is Ishida gay, straight or bi?

I dunno. Looks like the insides of his new stomach to me. Maybe the answer is there.

7 Will Hanatarou do something HEROIC in Hueco Mundo?

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