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Chapter 300 early spoiler pix and summary

Bleach 300 chapter spoiler pix and summary at Bleach Asylum (not confirmed)

You have to sign up as a member of the board to view the manga chapter forum, I believe.

Apparently Le Roux has released, predictably early, and he is a pumpkin who works brujeria---witch magic. It looks like he's got faces on each of the pumpkin rinds of his tutu skirt and he can control Byakuya in some way--even making him point his sword at his sister.

The pix look  Kubo-esque to me (but I've been wrong before... I remember getting the GJ early spoiler right but totally falling for the fake Aizen appearance) but there are some disputes about the borders. Our graphic artist friend is calling into question the alignments thereof. No photoshop experts have stepped up and no one recognizes the illustrations from other scenes....

Now the surprising part in the script:  HANATAROU HAS RETURNED!!!!!!!!!
Now wouldn't that just make perfect sense? I find myself cackling over this special guest appearance but I hope it's true because he's on the Byakuya and LeRoux scene and he could heal Rukia all up, couldn't he? And maybe Rukia could save her Ni-sama? Wouldn't that be awesome?

In any event, I don't have my hopes too high. I just thought you'd like to know what the first spoilers are... the last time we got spoilers this early, they were right.

I just want the courtship babble between Mayuri and Szayel to be over so the dudes can get to showing off their new tricks. I'm only expecting reaction angst from Ishida et al but I'm a PESH FANGIRL and I still think Red and White and Pesh and Don will come back somehow---they never got thoroughly iced like Rukia and Chad. Even Ichigo may still rise up if Hime heals him fast enough... I wouldn't be surprised if the rescuees end up rescuing their rescuers--that would be a very Kubo like twist.

Now all we need is Ganju to show up, right?

I still expect Chad to go all HOLLOW after being healed. I'm dying to see his big ole massive Hollow bad-ass self. He got dropped too fast and Kubo has a lot to make up to him.
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