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Postmodern Shipping and premodern love

Shippers are crazy.

Writers are crazier. The idea that all imaginable can exist if it is only imagined is the nuttiest idea known to humankind.

I believe in G-d.  These are my fingers typing these words and no one else's.  When I cry, my daughter feels it before she understands that it's happening. People will cheer a race between two doodlebugs and commit murders for the sake of their candidate. The real world isn't safe for imaginary characters, and imaginary characters are too good for our world.

Yes, it is possible to love simply, but in the age of deconstructionism and cyber-text and the faster-than-a-speeding bullet commercialization of art, it's not easy.

gave me this today:

Ishida of the Ethers
by Laura Bryannan

Ishida of the Ethers waits patiently. He is intelligent, perceptive and strong, as his creator made him. And, as such, he knows he is far greater than his mere cannon existence. The elementals buoying him are fueled by those consuming, those reading, those watching, those writing. Thousands upon thousands of minds who forge him anew, into what they hope and need. They contemplate him and he contemplates himself.

He has known her forever, the sparkling autumn-toned one. For too long she pined for the other like herself, tempted by his fire, but Ishida of the Ethers does not worry. His creator may never gift him in that little thing he draws, but he knows where her destiny lies.

When her scarlet is cast upon his celestial azure, they'll make a glorious sunset and lull the world into amethyst sleep until the end of all things.

I wrote in response:

"Fluffy and metaphysical" is good.

The elementals buoying him are fueled by those consuming, those reading, those watching, those writing

You make me want to read Derrida.

So much of postmodern literary criticism is magical thinking and negation of the author in favor of the reader. Fanfiction seems to do something really interesting when it takes a text and multiplies the authors. Authorial intent becomes either heightened or diluted but the TEXT itself, the characters, the story grow wildly more real, more mythological, more invested-with-the-souls-of-millions who are reading and writing and interpreting the stuff.

Doujinshi Ishida and anime Ishida and Manga Ishida sit next to one another and stare. When a heart breaks, it is only one of them who knows it.



On another topic, who remembers Dickens' "The Death of Little Nell?" The name may have been intentional--to predict a Bleach character's death? Charles Dickens was flooded with letters asking him not to kill Nell in his serialized novel. He did it anyway. Now, Nell can't die in Bleach because it would break form too much--little kids, esp those used for comic relief, do not die in shounen.

And yet at the mere thought of it, my heart went cold. Nell? No, he wouldn't.
Artists who command as much of an audience as Kubo Tite influence the emotional life of millions and aid the pharmecuetical companies. I think I and many others will need mucho "nerve pills" to get through the next 2-3 years of Bleach.  You say if Hinamori didn't die, no one will die. I'm expecting (although not predicting) a death in this current rescue arc.

If it's Renji (could be--I don't see how he can contribute to the plot substantially at this pt), the fangurls will take up arms.

I wonder if manga-ka ever hire bodyguards.
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