_debbiechan_ (_debbiechan_) wrote in bleachness,

299 Spoiler Pix

Mayuri looks freakier than ever and I'm so disappointed that Ishida looks shocked, scared, vulnerable still . I wanted his I'M GOING TO KEEL YOU face. Oh well, I can wait. *TEARS HAIR*  NOT.

Szayel is TOO pretty but really, these freaks just need to die. Ishida needs to kill them.

Byakuya looking boss in this chapter makes up for helpless Ishida, though. He's actually fighting and zipping around and giving the I'M SO BOSS face. Yey!

Oh, let me chew on the grown man captain's yummy coolness while Ishida's stomach disintegrates. MAN, KUBO, PLEASE HURRY UP AND GIVE THE BOY BACK HIS DIGNITY.

So, what do you guys expect for the big chapter 300, eh? Kenpachi ban kai? I think it will be Nnoitra's release... or something completely totally WONDERFULLY shocking.
Tags: bleach manga
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