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IshiHime fanart, IchiIshi drabble, 299 spoilers

Way down yonder at M.I.T
there's a woman who means the world to me.
Keirkegaard and Jean Paul Sartre
can't hold a candle to this gal's art.
Watch the hoardes of fangirls scurry
to gawk her latest het and yuri,
and her yaoi , I tell ya, is the whoopety-doo.
Yessirree, I'm a talkin about Q.

quaedam  , thanks for making the IshiHime-ness of the week even better!

You can see the whole thing better at her DA account: Early Morning

Meanwhile, feeding another Bleach pairing fancy of mine, shayheyred wrote this snazzy drabble:
follow the meme comments until you find the IchiIshi

Spoiler script is out for 299 over at the manga forum at Bleach Asylum

Haha, apparently Unohana gave that execution squad THE KILLER MOM LOOK and they all ran away. As for the Mayuri/Ishida interaction, emlan said she'd be good if she got Ishida's MAD FACE, so I'm just waiting for scans to see if it's there. I'm going to be disappointed if Ishida is wearing that sixteen year old scared puppy face he wore a lot of the time while being molested by Szayel.

BYAKUYA. <3 I have no words. I love his stuck-uped-ness.

Don't forget to VOOOOOTE for your three favorite IshiHime fics at this here post
Anonymous may vote. I'll keep bugging you until the deadline.
Tags: fanart, ichiishi, quaedam
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