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First, I want to say I’m all a-flutter still. The biggest fangirl dork ever. Riding on chocolate bar euphoria. Wanting to squee in appreciation like Sally Field to readers out there: “You like me! You REALLY like me!” And geezums golly, I love IshiHime and each and every one of these fics.

I’m a little surprised that having so many IshiHimes written for me and my silly craving would feel as good as I’d hoped it would. A first kiss is never what you dream it’s gonna be. Having gotten wonderful letters and reviews from you all before, I knew the old surge of happy fan-to-fan connecting, but still, I hadn’t really anticipated how giddy I’d get reading the stories.

Voters who haven’t read all the fics yet will be glad to know that they go down quick and easy, like pretty fruits on toothpicks. Like bon bons. Like we’ve always said on the good ship IshiHime, “a little sugar is good for you.” But it’s not all empty calories here. I was reminded about everything I like about this pair--how poignant IshiHime can be. How youngish but not idealistic, how full of quirky creativity, best intentions and misplaced pride. How tripping over a crack in the sidewalk can turn into a sexy tango. A little history of genocide on Ishida’s side, a little death and abuse on Hime’s, a lot of persistent and earnest good faith that can heal the world.

Thanks so much for these. I couldn’t have timed the contest better with Ishida’s birthday this year and a resurgence of interest in the ship because of Kubo’s 289 color spread (my IshiHime FC got new members this week!), and I hope the little rise of enthusiasm is only the start. I want more IshiHime in the manga; everybody wants more IshiHime in fanfic and fanart.


1. You will vote in comments to this post and to this post only. I will be linking this post and referencing it until the last voting day, November 18, to remind you.

2. You do not have to be a member of this community or of LiveJournal to vote. Anonymous may vote; the same I.P. address, however, can not vote more than once. Authors of the competing fics may vote; you may vote for your own fic if you like.

3. Vote for THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE FICS in one response to this post. You may vote for less. You may vote for just one favorite (or even two) but you are encouraged to vote for your top three favorites and to list them in the order you liked them. For example, a typical response to this post from LJ user Whoever might read: “Thanks for all the fun fics. My favorite was “High Five Orihime” by Shoujolover98 because I like comedies. My second favorite was “When the Quincy Come a Calling” by Hallowed Hairpin. My third favorite was …. You get the idea. Or you may simply list your favorite fics without embellishment. (Don’t forget to feed the authors, though: it’s always nice to stop by the original fic posts and leave comments).

4. You have from now until MIDNIGHT, CST, November 18, 2007 to vote (the reason being that I want to give out prizes on the next day, my birthday).

5. Scoring will be Olympic figure skating style. Each first favorite vote for a fic will earn the fic three points; each second favorite vote will earn it two points; each third favorite vote will earn one point. I’ll do the math and be the vote-counter. (Anyone can check the counting because the votes will be public in responses to this post).

6. There will be three top winners in the overall popular voting. There stands a chance that a fic receiving the most first place votes may not garner the most points, but that’s life. The top three fics will be determined by how many points they get.

7. The first place prize is an illustration of the fic by dragonboy_mt   (thank you Chris, you are the loveliest IshiHime fan and the bestest IshiHime fanartist!). The second place prize is one of the two IshiHime doujinshi pictured below (“Strawberry Milktea” is the doujin prize I’ll be giving to my personal favorite fic of those entered in the contest. That little pearl just cost me $50 on ebay, but it’s the better doujin simply because it features Ishida with a hard on…. The other one is sweetness worthy of a second place prize). The third place prize is one of the two sets of IshiHime keychains featured in the pic below. (You’ll note I have two pairs of keychains--the flat vinyl ones and the little chibi figure ones. In the event of a tie, someone gets the other pair of keychains; in the event of more than one tie, I’ll get more prizes!--or maybe do a run-off!)

8. I’ll answer any questions you may have about scoring or prizes in the response section to this post. Don’t worry about messing up your votes--if you do, I’ll give you a chance to fix your votes, clarify your post, or repost so your votes can be tallied properly. I’m not uptight about stuff here. Good luck everybody!

AND HERE ARE THE ALL THE CONTEST FICS LINKED FOR EASY REFERENCE (please alert me if any of the links are wrong or if a fic has been left out):

BONUS: (do not vote for this fic)
Don Ishida de la Quincy Pt. 2 by lori_fan This fic is a non-IshiHime, "almost" Ren-Ishi.

As stated in my instructions on how to vote, besides the top three prizes decided by popular vote, I'll also be awarding a special "debbiechan's favorite" prize and the winner gets an adorable rare IshiHime doujin. I wish I could award the author of every entry with a little something--I enjoyed all the fics THAT much. His or her choice of Uryuu or Hime blow up dolls?
A lifetime supply of pocky? Something like that. Thanks again for participating!
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