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IshiHime Fanart by the great Sasuki-chan

Lol, let the 298 colorspread fanart start!  There were lots of shippy pix from Japan last week. I can't wait for Love Drop to tackle the spread because they've done such great jobs on previous Kubo spreads.


Thank you again to everyone who posted IshiHimes for the contest yesterday. I'm officially calling the posting for the contest closed--that means you can STILL post whatever to this comm but any IshiHimes posted now won't be considered for prizes.

I felt like the dorkiest fan ever yesterday. So many fics! (23?) made me goofily happy.  I feel loved.

Stay tuned for instructions on how to vote for your FAVORITES. You'll be able to vote for your top three. In every fic contest I've participated in or hosted where there are more than a handful of fics everyone complains that they weren't able to vote for more than one fic. I'm going to do it Olympic figure skating style--where a first place gets 3 pts, a second 2 and a third 1. More math for me!  There stands a chance that a fic may end up with the most first place votes but still not win in points but such is life.

Keep your eyes peeled for the VOTING POST. I'll have it up by tomorrow I'm sure but then again, the family has been stricken with a throw-up virus and I'm just late for everything lately. Thanks again, everyone, for the IshiHime treats! <3
Tags: fanart, ishihime contest
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