lorie_fan (lorie_fan) wrote in bleachness,

Follow up to contest entry

This isn't for the contest, since even the faintest hint of IshiHime has pretty much disappeared. But I thought I would share since it's a continuation of the story I posted earlier.

Title: Don Ishida de la Quincy – Part 2
Rating: T – because I chickened out, and I couldn't write anything explicit, unless the sheer implication of boys being interested in each other warrants a higher rating

I like to think of this as a "Choose Your Own Adventure" side story. If you want to make the windmills disappear and send Renji and Uryuu on their way, then stick with the first version. If you want the hollows to turn back into windmills, leaving Renji and Uryuu stuck in Don Quixote-land, read on.

If this isn't an appropriate posting, please let me know.
Tags: fanfic, renishi
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