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Ishihime contest

Early birthday gift for Debbie! (I'm such a suck-up)    
Orihime had always loved birthdays. Tatsuki and she would go out for ice cream and Orihime would always pick the most delicious flavor, like butter-scotch mixed with strawberries and sweet potatoes. Tatsuki would then present her with a modest but thoughtful gift, like a new book. She would open the politely affectionate cards from her relatives, who would always offer to come let her visit them, so they could spoil her in person.

    But she had not expected a neatly wrapped ivory clored package placed at her front door. A delicate note had been pinned to it, written in the most delicate and elegant calligraphy. “For you. Many happy returns of the day,” she read, wondering what the gift contained. It could be a crazy person, or space aliens or a gift from the ghosts. A quick call to Tatsuki confirmed that no lunatic would spend the money on such expensive wrapping and paper. “So just open it.”

    Orihime did as she was told, opening the blue satin ribbons that imprisoned her beautiful present. She couldn’t imagine what treasures lay inside. Like cookies or butterflies or something she hadn’t even thought of.

    As she peeled away the layers, she gasped in shock. It was a dress, but not just any dress…but a dress like the ones actresses wore to award ceremonies.

    She held it up, wondering when this wonderful gift would disappear and she would wake up from her dream. It was an off the shoulder full-length silk gown, in the most beautiful shade of violet imaginable. It was like a million perfect plums had sacrificed their color to this lovely dress.  A narrow skirt completed the look, with a generous slit to allow her to walk.

    Could it have been Kurosaki-kun who gave her this? She didn’t know where he’d get the money for something like this, but she would be so happy if he had found some way of actually thinking of her enough to give her this. Tatsuki would never give her something like this and her relatives weren’t the mysterious gift type. So it had to be her Ichigo.

    That was till she noticed the small scroll in the pocket. “On November 19th,  at the hour of six, Inoue Orihime is cordially invited to attend the Hospital Charity Ball hosted by Ms. Daichi Suzu at the adress of ... Black tie attire,” she read the elegantly printed information.

 Underneath was a hand written message in a flawlessly written calligraphy. “Would you care to attend?”
    On November 19th, Orihime, her hair elegantly coifed, snuggled into the beautiful gown arrived at the house in the wealthiest area of town. Reporters were waiting to snap pictures and Orihime wondered if all the flashing lights would make the dress float away.

    Waiting at the door was a handsome prince. But it wasn’t the one she would expect it to be. Of course…she should have known, the clues were all there…but she hadn’t ever considered…she didn’t even know if he liked girls…

    “You…came,” he said, fidgeting nervously in his beautiful white clothing, looking like an angel.

    “Of course I came.   Thank you for inviting me,” Orihime whispered, completely shocked. “I’m so happy to be here.”

    “Really?” Ishida-kun asked, looking so happy to see her that she could melt.

    “Yes. The dress was perfect,” Orihime said, blushing to the roots of her hair. “It was just what I wanted. I just…didn’t know.” 

    “Inoue-san…would you care to dance?” Ishida-kun asked, bowing over her hand and kissing it delicately.

    Orihime was too enchanted to notice the rest of the ball. It was all coming together so perfectly. “I…would.”

    As they walked into the party together, Orihime felt every eye on her. But when they danced, Orihime noticed the Quincy could only see her.
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