Tamsin (dawnduskdancer) wrote in bleachness,

IshiHime fic contest entry

Title: Just a Ghost

Rating: G for Gen

Warnings: weirdness, first Bleach fic.

It’s one of those lazy summer afternoons: warm and sunny, with just the slightest breeze now and then. The light is beginning to shift from bright white to golden and the shadows are slowly growing longer. Down by the river a group of kids kick a soccer ball around; a bit further upstream a long-haired girl jogs along the stop-bank, passing an elderly couple who are walking the other way.

There are two young people lying in the long grass by the water’s edge, gazing up at the sky. He is black-haired, sharp-featured and bespectacled, dressed in black trousers and a blue T-shirt with an odd cross design appliquéd in paler blue. She has long auburn hair held off her face by two star-shaped pins and wears a white dress hand-painted with leaves and flowers in all the colours of the rainbow. There’s a wide-brimmed straw hat lying abandoned a little further up the bank: maybe she was wearing it earlier and cast it off as the sun began to sink.

They lie side by side, but not touching. Are they friends, or lovers, or perhaps somewhere on that uncertain ground between the two? Does it matter? You’ll walk on and in a few minutes you will have forgotten all about them.

Uryuu props himself up on one arm and cranes his neck up towards the top of the stop-bank. “I swear,” he says, “that there was someone watching us just a moment ago…”

Orihime looks around – there’s no one there, only the elderly couple away downstream and Kuneida Ryo on one of her neverending training runs. She smiles. “Probably just a ghost.”
Tags: ishihime fic contest
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