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IshiHime Fic Contest-The Rocky Horror Quincy Show, by andrew-jp

Title: The Rocky Horror Quincy Show



Rating: T
Genre: Fluff/Comedy
Summary: Something else in honor of Halloween.  Post-series.

It was the time of year when spirits were thought especially prone to crossing over, wandering the earth on unknown missions.  On this night, no one less than the Spirit Queen of Soul Society was in the living world, and she had a very important task indeed:

Convincing her boyfriend to dress in women's lingerie and act like a maniac in a movie theater.

"Come on, Uryuu!  Experiencing a different culture is the most important part of studying abroad-you don't want to waste this opportunity, do you?"

"I think this might be a bit...niche, Orihime," the boyfriend in question said.  "Are you sure this is what you want to do?"

"Yep.  The live shows are, well...did you watch the movie?" Orihime asked.

"Uh, yes."  Uryuu's eyes glanced over at the DVD case on the other side of his dorm room.  "It was okay as a parody of classic American horror movies, I suppose, but it did seemt to focus a little much on, er, sexuality," Uryuu said with a blush.  "I don't really understand what all the hype is about."

"The live shows are so much better!  There's dancing and yelling and a costume contest and people shooting water guns and free food they give out a script for new people and and free snacks and-oh!  It sounds like so much fun!"

"I still don't know, Orihime.  I've got a lot of studying to do and I don't really have enough spare t- did you say there's going to be a costume contest?"

Orihime jerked back and blinked several times, apparently surprised by the Quincy's reaction.  "Uh, yeah.  They judge based on audience applause, I think.  They're giving out T-shirts."

Uryuu stared off into space for about half a minute, then faced Orihime suddenly and said, "I'll do it, but only if you swear this never gets back to Kurosaki."

"Of course!"

"All right then."  He grabbed a pencil and piece of paper and sat at his desk.  "Okay, a week left until Halloween,  That means..."  His speech trailed off into unintelligible mutterings about hairspray and lengths of cloth, his eyes fixed on what he was writing.

Orihime watched her boyfriend, her smile getting a little wider, her eyes narrowing, until she looked just a bit self-satisfied.

"Heh heh heh!  Just as planned!"

"Uh, you're not supposed to say that loud enough for anyone else to hear, Orihime."



It felt more embarrasing a week later than the night he had decided on it, but Uryuu felt a little better when he got to the theater and saw there were many other men dressed in a similar fashion.  The show was fun, Orihime seemed to enjoy herself, and she looked great in the maid costume he had sewn, so that made him feel better, too.  Winning prizes in the costume competition afterward felt really satisfying.

Of course, all of that paled in comparison to what happened when he got back to his room: Orihime confessed she found him unbearably sexy and jumped him as soon as the door was closed.


Author's note: Orihime might be a God who associates with shinigami, but Kira, she ain't.


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