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STILL have not heard from mods at ship_manifesto and I'm resigned to the fact that I may not until after the holidays. At this point it stands that if I'm obsessing myself into hyperventilation over even the POSSIBILITY of a ship war, then I should do my best to try to avoid one and either rewrite or withdraw my essay for them. 

If I were a betting gal, though, at this point in the manga, my money would be on IchiRuki as the sole ship to be confirmed (or at least heavily implied) by the very end of the manga. IshiHime is a hope for me; GinRan a wild hope; UlquiIshi an even wilder one. ^^

This Senna in the new movie. I don't even know why people are seeing her as a love interest for Ichigo. Movies carry less canon authority than anime filler, and this chick doesn't even seem to approach Yoshino-levels of involvement with a character's heart. Now, if this Senna chick turns out to be Ichigo and Rukia's child from the future (Kubo looooves Toriyama, remember??), I'll do a cartwheel.
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