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Ishihime Fic Contest! [Storybook by Kiwi]

Happy Birthday Ishida!

Title: Storybook
Author: Kiwi [Kierichan]
Rating: Not really sure, PG-13 probably?
Word Count: 524
Summary: Not everything can be like a fairytale, but sometimes, some people are just freaking lucky.


You didn’t think when you jumped in front of that giant masked thing, didn’t think as it’s teeth sunk into your shoulder, turning white Quincy robes crimson with blood. You didn’t even breathe until you heard – barely a squeak from behind you.....

“No! Ishida-kun!”

Ah, yes, that Inoue-san. Like the princess from the old books of fairytales of knights and monsters and kings and queens. You know, the kind that always has a happy ending? The ones that you used to –as a child- shake your head at and demanded to be read a tragic tale. And the book never had any of those, because now that would just be to unrealistic, right? Much like your life of hollows, and retarded carrot-top shinigami and stupid pompous I think-I’m-so-freaking-sexy Quincy fathers, and strange talking stuffed animals, and man, must it suck to be you?

That girl must mean a lot to you, huh? For you to jump in front of her like that? I think she could have taken the beast, but no – just once you wanted to be the knight in shining armor and not that Kurosaki-kun. Because you always get the short end of the stick and wind up being the court jester. You wanted that fairytale ending, the ones from the books buried under dust in your closet. How can you remember those stories? Maybe you never wanted a tragic tale to be read to you, and you secretly wished for that happy fairytale ending where the beautiful princess with long, fiery hair and the handsome knight with his silver rimmed glass reflecting the light as they run down the altar to their horse-drawn carriage and go on their honeymoon and live happily ever after.

Is that all you wanted?

Inoue-san is trying to heal you desperately, your body tossed on the sidewalk like how Kon would look after Kurosaki-kun threw him out of a second floor window. There’s blood seeping out of your shoulder, but it doesn’t hurt, now does it? You’re trying to be her knight, huh? And a knight really should always be strong. There’s a yellow light surrounding you now, she’s trying to heal you, of course. And there’s rain coming down, but you’re not sure if it’s really rain. Or if Inoue-san is just crying. Probably a little of both… But princesses are supposed to be happy and smile and play with all of the little animals and grow flowers as big as someone’s head.

You can feel her pouring all of her spiritual energy into trying to heal your ripped up shoulder (and man does that thing looks nasty) and It’s almost like you can feel everything she’s ever felt. Sadness and pain and loneliness and sorrow – all of these things that princesses should never feel – and then little fizzes of happiness and friendship and courage and love and lips – wait, lips? You open your eyes, and for a brief second there’s a mass of shocking hair greeting you until she pulls back.

“Umm…..sorry Ishida-kun, I guess I got kinda carried away and…”

Dude, you really should play the knight more often, don’t you think?



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