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Happy Birthday Uryu

For Debbie-chan, who was my gateway to Bleach! And for Uryu, who haunts my dreams.

Quincy lived by wonderful  rules, protecting the innocent, righteous judgment of the guilty and showing honor to women. Ishida was very proud of that heritage. It was what he lived by.
    Then when his Sensei, his grandfather was murdered in front of him, Ishida had a new truth. Shinigami were the scum of the universe and didn’t deserve anything but hatred.
    Everything in life fell into categories. Women were to be protected. Hollows were to be destroyed. High school idiots were to be disdained. Fathers were to be proven wrong about everything. A place for everyone and everyone in their place.
    Then he met Orihime. She was everything he had never wanted in a woman. She was giggly and clumsy and said the strangest things and behaved in a manner most undignified. And Uryu was addicted to every single thing.
    He relished the way her beautiful hair flowed like a veil of a virgin princess. He went into ecstasy when she would perform some act of brilliance,  like knocking out Shinigami and taking their clothing. He hungered for a chance to protect her, to hold her close and put his life on the line to protect her. It was madness, sheer madness and Uryu wondered what had happened to that cold knight of justice he had been trained to be. And yet, it was all worth it.
    The only downside to this madness was the cruel knowledge that his lady love looked to another as her protector. Worse, she looked to a Shinigami to fill that role, a crude, boorish lout who could never appreciate Orihime’s subtle and delightful charms. This Guinevere of his only saw a rogue Lancelot, instead of a noble Arthur.
    And that led Ishida to create a few new rules in life.

 Shinigami were the source of all problems.
   Quincy were the solution.

   Shinigami didn't appreciate what they had.
    Quincy never gave up.   
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