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IshiHime fic contest. "At the beginning" by Chichiru

Title: IshiHime, the beginning.

Author: Chichiru.

Rating: hyper-fluffy G.

The story takes place before Soul Society arc, maybe at the beginning of the first school-year. Orihime doesn’t know that Uryuu’s Quincy or her powers. Ichigo isn’t a Shinigami yet. And Orihime is in love with Kurosaki-kun, of course.



It was warm sunny morning.

Today Ishida came to school early and started knitting. Loop after loop, row after row… The first student in the school hasn’t noticed that something that must have been a hat for a puppet turned into a soft big pink scarf.

Ishida started examining in perplexity the result of his work. After a minute full of thoughts (and also after imagining this scarf on one certain person :)) the boy decided to add tassels and to hide the scarf as far as possible to prevent someone thinking about him, the pride of the school, something dirty…

“Ohayou, Ishida-kun!”

Big breasts of Inoue Orihime and than Orihime herself came in the classroom.

Surprised handicrafts-boy jumped up, tried to put the scarf on his knees quickly but his attempt wasn’t successful: the scarf got entangled on his hand, Ishida’s knitting needle brushed against his eye-glasses, and they fell on the floor.

Obliging and always helpful girl Inoue ran to the unlucky boy, bent (guess what happened to her boobs and how much Uryuu dreamed to have his glasses back on his nose) and handed the eye-glasses to the brunet.

“Arigatou gozaimasu”, mumbled Ishida, “Ohayou”.

“No problem!” Her 32 tooth flashed when she smiled to him.

Is that ruddiness on the always pale cheeks of Quincy?

The boy hurried to continue his tries to hide the scarf hoping that Orihime hadn’t noticed something big, knitted and bright pink on his desk yet.

Ha ha! Orihime may be naive but not blind.

 “Ishida-kun, what are you knitting?”

Ishida-kun suddenly decided that he needs to wipe his glasses.

“Can I look at it”, she asked not waiting to his answer.

Well…”, the boy became embarrassed, “Yeah”.

Well, and what else he could answer? All the more he really wanted her to see it. And even to try it on…

Sometimes dreams come true, you know.

“Kawaii!”, the girl exclaimed.

In a second the scarf was braided around her neck.

Ishida started turning bright red for the first time in his life.

“You’re so talented, Ishida-kun!” Inoue smiled and cuddled the soft thing to her cheek.

“N-not so much… arigatou…”

Of course, his glasses NEEDED to be wiped again!

“For whom is it?” the girl asked, “If it is not a secret”, she added quickly seeing Uryuu’s blushing.

“For nobody”, the four-eyed boy answered sadly.

He really wanted to say something else.

“You’re training, aren’t ya?” Inoue smiled, “You always train so much and study and gain amazing success!

 Ishida started opening his mouth to regret the fact but couldn’t. She said the truth, yeah? Plus, he is NOT a mumbler-guy, so why is he acting weird because of the one beautiful, long-haired, clever (though a bit ditz), charming and helpful girl?!

“A person who will put on this scarf one day will be very happy”, that charming girl added.

“Bur everybody can do well at school” Ishida exclaimed, “You only have to wish it”.

“I do wanna, but I’m not good at Maths, for example…”, Orihime said.

“Wanna me to help you?” (“God, WHY did the hell I ask that?!”)

Shiny smile appeared on Inoue’s face immediately.

“If that’s not difficult for you and if this won’t take much time, Ishida-kun.”

“If you want, I will…”

“Arigatou!” She quickly got her note-book out and sat down facing the guy.

He began to take away his sewing outfit.

Of course, helpful and compliant girl Inoue Orihime decided to help.

And traditionally to every anime and manga, their fingers touched the scissors simultaneously.

Ishida jumped up again but there was nothing to brush against his eye-glasses this time.

Then Inoue takes the scarf away and hands it to Ishida.

Getting embarrassed and trying not to touch her fingers, the boy takes it and puts in his bag.

And then he begins the explanation of Math’s material. Not very confident, he coughing and fixing the glasses, Uryuu stammers at simple words and shows off the intelligence at complicated.




It was sunny day.

The last lesson for today ended. The Maths.

Smiling Inoue came to Ishida’s desk.

“Arigatou gozaimasu, Ishida-kun!”

“Why?” Ishida asked pushing his glasses up his nose.

“Thanks to your explanation I got everything during the lesson and didn’t listen without understanding!”

“Erm, you’re welcome.”

Ishida hurried to put his text-book into the bag but the scarf, damn it, had taken all the empty place. So Ishida had to put it out.

Inoue had to admire her classmate’s artistic skills and taste again because he was able to add tassels to it during the long lunch-break. The scarf looked really beautiful. While poor Ishida was getting embarrassed again, and ingenious Inoue was trying the scarf on.

And then some power that be made Uryuu say that:

“You know… if you… if you like it so much… you can… I mean… you can take it…”

Ishida had never seen Orihime smiling SO broadly. The happy girl made more exact:

“You mean Ishida-kun is giving me the scarf as a present?”

“Yeah”, Ishida answered and suddenly felt that his confidence returned to him.

 Orihime gave an exciting squeak and put the scarf over her beige coat.

Something resembling a smile appeared on the boy’s face.

Life is really surprising.

“Arigatou gozaimasu”, Inoue made a head bow.

Ishida felt himself even more confident and stood up and made the scarf lay better on her shoulders.

… When he touched her neck, Inoue felt that her heart nearly stopped and started beating only when the four-eyed boy took his hands away and continued packing his bag…

“See ya in the handicrafts group!” With that words the most beautiful and the kindest girl of the Karakura high (Ishida could bet that the best in the world girl) waved her hand to him and left the classroom.




It was the same but more sunny day :)

Ishida was going to leave the school in very happy mood when the threshold was crossed by Tatsuki who actually, wondering why Orihime decided to “thank Ishida-kun” all of a sudden, stood in the doorway attuning her mini-locators-ears.

“You helped Inoue a lot”, she said archly.

Ishida flinched but answered coldly:

“It was nothing”.

“What, you think I don’t notice anything? Tatsuki hemmed.


What?” asked Ishida pushing the glasses up.

“Your attitude to Orihime”, the girl smiled.

Ishida didn’t know how to respond. He could only cough a little.

“Orihime is naive but I am not”, she continued smiling, “Ya know, I have one rule: to fight for a dream, to go towards the aim… Well, you must have made first steps today.

Tatsuki winked and left him alone.

Ishida, the best student in the school and the last one Quincy, smiled.


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