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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISHIDA-KUN! (fanart and fandom rant)

Looky, I made you a birthday card!

Warnings: not work safe, nudity, what looks like it may be heterosexual intercourse, cuteness, bad design

Erg, can't post this on DA and can't get this big enough here. Sometime this century I'll update my website and have it there.

and looky,  edge_chan did a coloring of the original line work that's better than mine:

Ya know. I love my fandom so much sometimes---like on silly days like today when IshiHimes are being posted here for Uryuu's birthday.
Places like Fandom Wank and fandom_secrets can just kiss their own hypocritcal "you take fandom too seriously" asses because this is my fandom and I'll squee if I want to.

I've had a great deal of glee and erm... meaningful discourse... with fans this past week, especially in the wake of a "What do you get when you cross the Atlantic with the Titantic?" Kubo 298 cover spread. Just for posterity's sake and because I'm a ho, here's a much edited excerpt of what I posted in a friend's private LJ about the wankage. And it was wankery (how many collective nouns are there for this concept?) for the most part, not debate on race and privilege, critical theory, or the place of fandom in culture. All Who Are Merciful, Forgive Me My Fannishness and Judge Me Not.

Oh honey,honey. I need to write the story of this drama because I've been taking good notes and maybe I'll submit an article to THE NEW CRITERIA or PSYCHOS R US.

The masses of shippers and Bleach fans are, I believe, for the most part, innocent of any moral wrong. A few are guilty of stupidity and a few of hypocrisy (SELF INCLUDED OCCASIONALLY). The person who declared Ichigo and Orihime canon at 11 PST Oct. 30 because she fell victim to a joke crop-scan from Japan and then, not having the good grace to be embarrassed, immediately launched a spiteful campaign against IchiRuki fans that claimed that THEY, not her, were the ones screaming "canon" and being crazed shippers---well, I blame her for every bit of this particular mess. I've watched **** *******'s infantile stunts for a while now. I'd forgive her if she had a sense of humor--truly, some things my friends have done have made me wince but there's often seemed to be a working intelligence and self-deprecating humor behind plenty shipper sigs and stunts, etc. Some of the IchiOri, IchiIshi, KenYachiru peeps in Bleach bring me much joy with their snark. Now....**** ******* may be a fine gal who is kind to her brother and who feeds stray cats but her nyah, nyah, you're wrong, pot-calling-kettle presence in the IchiOri fandom is just wearying. It'd be harmless except for the fact that it's pure mean-spiritedness without recompense and it sets off waves that make other people go at each other and be rude to random mailmen and cashiers just to displace their frustrations over her latest post....

I love the spread, I love the TALMUDIC attention people have given the details. I enjoy being a ficcer and being an IchiRuki fan who can hang with yaoi fangurls and hardcore hets and dreamy-eyed shippers and scholarly Pacific Coast manga nuts all of whom like me for ME and who  aren't obsessed with degrading other FANS 24/7. We just wanna have fun  with imaginary characters who DON'T HAVE FEELINGS. Fandom, as you've always said, my dear, should be fun.

Some people get their kicks in sick ways.

Damn, the things I've heard. The reasons why I was called "a cunt" or this person was called "a bitter old woman" or that person was "a bitch" or that one was "batshit insane" are probably all very human and understandable--sticks and stones break bones not ship war insults--but the nastiness lingers. The wars become less about whether or not Kubo Tite gave a nod to Honey and Clover in his latest color spread with Ichigo's striped shirt and more about whether so-and-so needs to get a life, get laid, or get the fuck out of my fandom.

**** *******, you get on my nerves. Other shippers--IchiRukis, IchiIshis, IshiNemus, KenYachirus--you're all insane and over-sensitive. Look, here's my bloody wrist and my head covered in ashes. My biggest fandom sin has probably been naivete and trying to be a nice mommy person. Everyone, forgive one another.  Now, don't expect me to take you seriously if you say "oh, Ichigo calls Orihime INOUE as a secret sign of love and respect," but go ahead, have fun. I'm going to be over here in my happier part of the fandom drawing hentai or giggling with people over how Szayel is the prettiest guy in Bleach.

Be nice to cashiers too--btw. You have no hard evidence that they've done anything to hurt your favorite characters. Your leisure activities have not been desecrated by dummies in your fandom.

Ugh, I've been up all night with a vomiting kid. Real vomit is wiped up easier than internet crap. The whole "YOU ICHIRUKI PEOPLE ARE INSANE" shit pisses me off too sometimes, but hell, look who's saying it.

I mean, look. Not Ichigo. Not Rukia. Not even Kubo Tite. We have a rolling wonderful lush and wonderful fandom here--just hold your nose when you walk past the port-a-potties (and fandom_secrets ) and enjoy the rest of the carnival.

Happy birthday, Uryuu! <3
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