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First of all, much love and thanks to the faithful Ishida fans who posted entries this year!  All the entries may not have been viewable  to the general public, so here they are:

"Knight of Immortal Fire"

"Toden Engel"

"Ishida's New Vollstandig"

 "Ishida Transformation"

"Have Some Wings!"

"One Winged Ishida"

Apologies from your bleachness maintainer for dragging almost as long as the Szayel fight this year, but I was so busy with work and family! I still love BLEACH and especially ISHIDA as much as ever and it was a delight as always to see loyal fans turn out for our Quincy boy's birthday with these fanarts. The mod staff and I promised winners, but as I always like to say, the fandom wins. The Ishida fandom is a feverent one, and I know that we're waiting for Kubo's reveal of Ishida's powers, his ultimate role, his new bow, new cape, his naked chest? in this final arc!  But in the meantime, we dreamed Vollstandig!


Because this entry was so creative in terms of design (we loved those hip belts and the ponytail) and in so pleasing in terms of artistic composition, the first place winner is la_kalaka for Toden Engel.  The art is full of all the drama we imagine Ishida's transformation will present.

Second place for an artwork that was gorgeous and full of energy despite not showing a new costume or powers goes to peca_06 's Ishida's New Vollstandig. The coloring, the intense restraint in Ishida's face, the kinetic blues are marvelous here.

Third place goes to a wildly inventive design by moga_moka. Her art here shows a unique and atmospheric style and best of all, the return of Seele Schneider!

Mazel tov to all winners and participants. I know enthusiasm for bleach as well as Live Journal is diminishing, but I hope to run this contest again next year and until Bleach ends.

Winners, please p.m. _debbiechan_ with paypal addresses and/or snail mail addresses so I can get prizes to you!
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