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"Draw Ishida's Vollstandig Contest" - TODEN ENGEL

by kala-k on deviantART

I worked on this design all this month and I am quite proud of this one :) I love designing characters and this was such an enjoyable challenge for a character I've loved during the past decade. I added and take off several things till get the final design. I wanted something neat, not too overloaded but that was able to give a strong feeling. this was the result, I wanted six wings like a seraph (which are the highest ranked angels) but there were too much sondering the halo and Uryuu's arrow and bow, it looked pretty overloaded, so I opted for just four wings :3

Happy belated Bday Debbie and Happy Thanksgiving (belated too, lol!) for you all <3

Click onto my DA to get a better version <.
Tags: draw ishida's vollstandig contest, fanart, quincy, uryuu
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