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ISHIHIME FIC CONTEST! ("I Reject", by Kit.)

Rating: PG? Spoilers for latest chapters.

Type: Songfic, to "Stare at the Sun" by Thrice.

Inoue Orihime sat, and watched, and looked at the moon.

There really wasn't... much else, around Las Noches. There were those people-things; they weren't Hollows, nor were they human. One was Ulquiorra. One was Aizen.

She remembered those names.

There was tea - that was one thing that Aizen had made sure of, that there was plenty of tea for her. Matcha, gunpowder-green, even English Earl Grey - a tea she had only read about, imagined about.

An apparent courtesy.

But it meant nothing - the man was evil, wasn't he? She was here, a prisoner. She had to wait until someone came... and hope that she wasn't being used as bait, that she wouldn't have to watch a friend die. That the images Ulquiorra had shown her wouldn't come true.

I sit here clutching useless lists,
keys for doors that don't exist
I crack my teeth on pearls
I tear into the history
Show me what it means to me in this world
Yeah, in this world

The memory of shrill laughter, and the smiling eyes of a redhaired shinigami above her.

Orihime winced at the memory.

Rangiku-san... even though it's so soon after you told me that I was 'really cool', I'm here as a prisoner. I'm helping the enemy. I'm worse than disgusting now, aren't I... it hurts. It hurts and I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do....!

She didn't realize she had her hands in fists until she opened them, and saw where her nails had drawn blood.

I can't stand being disgusting anymore... I reject it! I have to reject...!

'Cause I am due for a miracle
I'm waiting for a sign
I'll stare straight into the sun
And I won't close my eyes
Till I understand or go blind (till I understand or go blind)


"If it's to save Inoue-san, I'll just go myself!"

Ishida Uryuu, the last of the Quincy, did not need anyone else. Least of all that stupid strawberry-bastard.

Inoue Orihime probably got kidnapped because someone wanted to affect Kurosaki, anyway. Stupid - at least he could be intelligent. Get in, get out. No need to fight anyone. No desire to fight anyone.

Where did it go wrong?

I see the parts but not the whole
I study saints and scholars both
But no perfect plan unfurls
Do I trust my heart or just my mind
Why is truth so hard to find in this world
Yeah in this world

It was decidedly odd, to see one's stomach before you. And that was after the impact of tentacle monsters and voodoo dolls had worn off.

He could not lose. He had to rescue Orihime -

- but memories were before him, in the steel-like flesh of the Espada and shinigami before him. Scientists. Scientists with knowledge, with power -

-with the ability to kill their subjects ruthlessly, just to see what they did as they died, just to see a Quincy die. His grandfather. Himself.

And that, the whirring gears in his mind concluded, was the scariest thing of all; to be in among the white sands, watching reflections from your past before you.

Watching reflections of your fears, in front of you.

Reflections of your anger, in front of you.

Reflections of your hate.

And being unable to do a thing about it.

"The main objective is to rescue Orihime, not to fight... can't you be more cautious, Kurosaki?!"

I know that there's a point I've missed
A shrine or stone I haven't kissed
A scar that never graced my wrist
A mirror that hasn't met my fist
But I can't help feeling like I'm -

"I have to reject... dying here...!"

Due for a miracle
I'm waiting for a sign (waiting for a sign)
I'll stare straight into the sun
And I won't close my eyes (and I won't close my eyes)

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