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"Dance with Snow White" colorings, arts <3

Can't get enough of that enchanting cover page for chapter 567! The colorists hit the panel as soon as it appeared.  The chapter was a Rukia stunner--she represented fear itself and all who looked upon her were frozen in awe. The panel presented her as a bride to the ice (so my friend Arie said even before the reliable cnet translation appeared: "Side text: I give myself over to my pact with the ice..") and the dress, for all its Elsa-like allusions (The Disney movie Frozen hasn't premiered in Japan yet but woah, what do YOU think?) is so wedding-ish and the pose so ... ah, shall we say, alluring? nehalenia told me yesterday: "I totally get it now. She's giving herself to the ice, letting it inside her entirely. Oh Kubo."

My family is still making jokes about Rukia being responsible for the massive cold spell we're experiencing in the Deep South USA (IT'S SNOWED FOUR TIMES THIS MONTH IN LOUISIANA--UNHEARD OF!) I've heard very few people complain about Kubo's art in this chapter--except for maybe a few odd ones who were stricken with bitterness and said Rukia looked like she had scholiosis or that her being seductive was "OOC" (hahahaha).

Anyway, here are some of my favorite colorings and a couple arts inspired by Kubo's chapter cover drawing. I personally think it's the loveliest and strongest he's drawn Rukia yet.


From Tumblr, land of the lovely gifs: http://tsukigamisama.tumblr.com/post/76020943832/dance-with-snow-white

A special coloring by my friend Arie. She gave me permission to post it here. I love the light effects here so much more than the generic moving snowflakes I saw in many interpretations. The reds in the background and on Snow White's lips were perfect against all those icy tones.

This one I love. The muted purples, Rukia's color-- and what a wedding dress.  http://tsukishiromitsuki.deviantart.com/art/Dance-with-Snowwhite-432141707

The details in Mika's are great. Visit her dA page for a closer look.

Blue, blue, bluuuuuuue! http://neoruki.deviantart.com/art/BLEACH-567-Dance-with-Snowwhite-432147272

This art is original--the dress is Kubo's as is the model! http://ze-rofruits.deviantart.com/art/Dance-with-Snow-White-432779931

And this is soooo adorable! By 黒理科「ブラクリカ」

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