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I made a post at Deathberry just now in the Ishida fanclub

oHHHHH, I'm just now rereading Bleach 565 "God Like You" and starting to absorb the chapter and the full implications for Uryuu. I've been reading around forums and it's a well-received chapter--it's being called the best since the hiatus, and that's probably because it shows it knows Kubo knows what he's doing. (I don't know why people doubt that--interviews past revealed that Kubo had planned out this last arc with JUMP editors--it's not, to use Uryuu's least-favorite word, a "haphazard" connoction, and I don't expect anything close to the spotty and irregular mess the Arrancar was; the Fullbringer arc, even for all its emphasis on characters fans didn't care for, was deftly plotted and brought out a mystery in bits and pieces to a very dramatic conclusion--the re-establishment of Ichigo's shinigami identity; it was a true coming-of-age story).

But I'm wandering off topic. I'm here to TALK ABOUT URYUU.

OMG. There was so much in this one chapter. I've been babbling a bit on twitter and my fanblog with friends but first of all, it was confirmed in this chapter that 1) Ishida was NOT lured/kidnapped or coerced into joining the Sternritter as some fans (and fanfictions) professed and 2) Haschwalth suspected, like some of us, that revenge for MAMA, was the reason Ishida joined. I'm still not sure that is Ishida's reason. Like Kubo has shown us, revenge is such a big no-no in Bleach--Tousen, the recent parable with Koma-chan--would our white hero Ishida be really motivated by such a simple and petty reason?  I don't think Ishida is the damsel he appears to be in this chapter. He may have something else up his sleeve.

Haschwalth, for one, doesn't know all that transpired between Yhwach and his successor. Remember that scene where Yhwach says "Come with me" and Ishida says "I understand?" Yaoi fangirls had a field day with that but we all know that Kubo put that scene there to imply that there was some sort of secret shared, some sort of power exchange perhaps of clarification of information made to Ishida that will be evident, of course, to audiences only in the middle of a fight---when Ishida fights.

As for Haschwalth, he was fascinating in this chapter. I'm still waiting for decent translations of the chapter to emerge because mangapanda and mangastreams aren't the best, but Haschwalth's faces were fascinating to watch in this chapter. Ishida noticed right away that he seemed different. Haschwalth said something to the effect of how he assumed Yhwach's mask while the King slept.  The second resonance of "God Like You." The first was Yhwach's taking the name of the diety the people he was born into worshipped. Yud hey Vuv Hey? Yhwach was born to Jews; ergo, he broke their commandments "Thou shalt not take the name of your Lord in Vain" and Thou shalt have no other G-ds but me." Yhwach is a false god.

Then what does that make Ishida, who is his SUCCESSOR?  A successor is expected to outlive his predecessor.  Haschwalth has that all wrong--he implies that he himself and Ishida will die and their souls will return to their father.
But it's only Haschwalth who will do that, right? Haschwalth's baggy eyes mirror Ishida's baggy eyes at this revelation--it's like Haschwalth is unburdening himself to Ishida. It's like Haschwalth is in grief over this fate, and oddly, with some rage and sarcasm, as he slams the wall behind Ishida, presses his body against his and whispers into his ear (with a homoeroticism that I found REALLY DISTRACTING from the storyline) was conveying a sort of sympathy and fraternity with Ishida in this secret knowledge.

But is Ishida really doomed?

He's A like Yhwach. He's God LIKE Yhwach. The third resonance of the title. Remember the endsheet volume doodles where "Walking Among Watchers" you see one A all burned up with all the other letters stuck to it. It is an ugly depleted letter--it seems to me to represent Yhwach, who depends on other souls to live.  There was one ornate and beautiful pristine A--is this one Ishida?  Will whatever quality that helped him survive the Auswhalen keep him from being reabsorbed by Yhwach?

And is it THIS quality that Yhwach himself wants to end the cycle of eternal battles necessary to sustain his life. Ishida dies and then Yhwach absorbs him and doesn't have to fight to live anymore?

I'm reminded of Orihime's little seemingly tossed off observation that she wished there didn't have to be battles anymore---the line in Hueco Mundo seemed so poetically staged that I knew it had narrative value. I'm pretty certain Orihime will play a part in this story, either in terms of reviving Ishida or negating some of the dire hax of Yhwach's powers over all Quincy--including Ichigo. And Haschwalth--he's already being played up as someone who may be an ally to Uryuu.

I'm amused to read in fandom of the "rescue Ishida" arc and the "Ishida is so fucked" pronouncements. The whole story isn't in. We don't know yet about other factions of Quincy and what they developed in opposition to Yhwach's gang. We don't know Souken's story yet or what part Ryuuken has played recently. We'll find out of course.

For a Quincy fan like me, I'm .... ah, this is too delicious. I'm on the edge of my seat. This is the story I've wanted to know ever since Ishida fought Mayuri in SS and Kubo promised us that Ishida needed to know his father's heart and what he (Uryuu) wanted to protect. It's all going to be told now. I'm going to hyperventilate when my boy fights and learns his true self.

I SO NEED TO TALK ABOUT ISHIDA URYUU NOW. Anyone who has a notion as to what this recent chapter may mean for my favorite character, please respond. I'm curious to know what the expectations are. Drop your predictions here!

ETA--found a WONDERFUL POST at OneManga, not usually one of my favorite places for discussion, but post #240 in the chapter thread, organized so many of the elements inherent in this chapter beautifully: http://onemangaforums.com/index.php?/topic/5241-bleach-chapter-565-discussion/page-12#entry598529  I DID think about Kubo's promise that Ukitake would be healed after reading this chapter. I'm on board with many observations in this long, long post.
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