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Just some Bleach images--IshiHime and HaschIshi, hee

I'm thrilled about the latest chapter and haven't raved enough about it. There are so many religious undertones and information about the Quincy and hints for Uryuu's future and waaaah--I'll go on about them eventually (I've already batted around a few thoughts with Neha in the chapter post) but first I need to shake that panel of Haschwalth pressing against Ishida and whispering into his ear  .... I'm home this Friday because it snowed in Louisiana and that means no diagnostic essays to grade this weekend so maybe I'll write some smut. Word is that the HaschUryuu ship is being called "not crack anymore." Haha.

Someone showed me this. It was on Tumblr. Don't know who to attribute it to (deleted my Tumblr account because too busy and too sensitive) but this is really what Jugo seems to be saying to Uryuu, ne? And WHAT is it about Quincy slamming sexily against walls? They need to do that more often.

Ok, ok, ok, ok, I love that pairing but IshiHime is my OTP and I owe Peggy a fic for winning the Ishida birthday contest art prize. I've already got that story in my head. It's next, I promise!

Look what my oldest friend in fandom and dearest love Charlie in the UK (Mangsney on Deviant Art and Tumblr) drew for me the other day! It's such a lovely lineart.

Thank you Charlie and everyone else who has been wonderfully supportive in recent weeks with my ongoing issues with family illnesses and woes. I love you all.

*rubs hands* Bleach and the Quincy and this chapter are so fun. Uryuu and Haschwalth sharing this moment, haha. Such an angsty moment. Haschwalth doesn't want to share the burden alone, does he? Weeee.
Tags: fanart, haschwalth, ishida, ishihime, orihime
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