_debbiechan_ (_debbiechan_) wrote in bleachness,

Haschwalth/Uryuu fanart weeee! NSFW

Moni finally did the fanart for "Indulgence!"  Hahaha, you can find it at the story's link http://bleachness.livejournal.com/740275.html

or just look quick beneath this cut because haha, it's steamy. Literally. :D


and oh hey guys, I'm working on that Ishida essay. It'll be all over the place but it's keeping my mind off the dreariness of finals week. Working title: The Ishida Uryuu Essay
An ode to a two-dimensional teenage superhero, a personal story about being a pervert, and musings about limerence, mutilation, and angels.
Tags: fanart, haschwalth, ishida, steam
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