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Announcing Prince and Princess Contest Winners!

Glad we extended the contest (Live Journal isn't dead yet!) and the contest could go on!
Thank you everyone who entered! Lovely to see the appreciation for IshiHime! <3

The GRAND WINNER this year is peca_06 for her stunningly intricate and fantastical fanart Ishihime Fairy Tale. It's such a wonderful piece in so many regards but best of all I can't wait to write a fic for it as a prize!

The second winner is la_kalaka FOR ALL HER ENTRIES. She clearly pwned this contest with quality and enthusiasm for the pairing. I don't know of a bigger Ishihime fan in Bleach fandom right now or of anyone who is more dear and deserving of recognition for celebrating the pairing. Eny even wrote a fanfic for the contest when she saw the contest had no fic; it's based on her Drachen evil!character that she elaborated upon months and months before Uryuu joined the WR in canon--and oh how we in the IshiHime fandom enjoyed her characterization of this dude! I'm looking forward to what Megan will draw for a prize. My personal favorite entry of Eny's was her first one Winter Prince and Spring Princess but the work and devotion that went into the doujin was awesome--I looked forward every day to updates!

Winners, please PM with your paypal addresses and I'll send along your $25. Not so much this year but I hope it will buy some goodies for the holidays! (I don't know how much that new Bleach postcard book is and sadly there's no Uryuu in it, but I'm sure it will be available soon for some ridonkulous price on Ebay---STILL, in a year of no Bleach calendar, it's nice to see at least one new Bleach merchandise).

I hope to make a general Bleach post about how the fandom isn't dead yet and another post about Uryuu when my workload lightens up around the Thanksgiving/Hanukah break here at the end of November. Blessings to all!
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