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FANFIC: Prince and Princess Contest - From Destruction To Restoration

Title: From Destruction To Restoration
Fanwork: fanfic
Author: la_kalaka
Freetalk: AU fic and maybe my third attempt to write a fic in english, feel free to correct all my glaring mistakes m(U_U)m But you know, I would like to see Megan drawing something for this fic :_D well in the remote case this deserves something.


Here he goes again, he thinks in a mix of frustration and cynicism. His bloodied arms tightens around Orihime's body whose breathing is becoming a bit difficult. He thinks he should give her more room to breathe but he fears the moment she gets one milimeter away from his body, she is going to get crushed beyond salvation by that overhelming man in front of him.

His majesty, King of the quincy, father of all of them, Yhwach.

His breathing is ragged, his body trembles, he can feel his bones cracking under the immense pressure of his reiatsu. It’s a humbling experience. He is just a tiny quincy with no idea of anything and for the first time, he has accept his father was right all this time.

This would be quite the scene, having him like this, on his knees clutching a wounded girl while his friends around him have been beaten to dead, all of them in a pool of their own blood barely alive and no one conscious. Shinigamis and humans and just him as the last man standing.

If Ichigo wasn't so away, maybe, just maybe...

His voice cuts his thoughs.

“That’s not the way a descendant of a king should think, Uryuu”

Ishida forgets about Orihime for a second. However, the king has not finished.

“However, I don’t find it odd, considering how he raised you. Such betrayal from your father wouldn't be tolerated, nor forgiven,” he says looking at his side, where his father in white clothes soaked red lies, quiet. Unconscious long ago. He cringes with fear and the implications scape from him, too worried for the man. The emperor was so ruthless against him. “Do you understand?”

Uryuu snaps out of it. His grip tightening around Orihime. His face trying to not betray all his emotions even knowing that the Emperor knows that is just a facade.

“My son, the youngest of my children, you were born to stand in a higher place with the power you was blessed with”

Uryuu would like to laugh, power, his power is nothing compared with Ichigo’s, thinks bitterly, recenting not his friend but his inability to protect with his feeble powers (that's what he tells himself).


The man again reads his mind, or more probably, his thoughs are so easy to read in his beaten face.
He snorts, almost amused.

“Do you truly think you are weak?. Trust me, you are not. It's your father who didn't let you claim what have always been yours from the day you were born,” he says calmly, stating a fact.

“What are you trying to say?” he speaks uncertain. Is he lying? “Are you trying to put Ryuuken in a negative light, sir? Cause if that so, Ryuuken has done a better job of that. No need to put him down,” he says, trying to suppress his sarcastic tone.

“Ah, that's not it. He really did it,” one long finger touchs his chest, removing his already torn shirt a bit to reveal the scar in it, millimeters away from Inoue san. He tries to protest, to get himself and her away from him, When did he get this close?

However, he is freezed. And that finger gracing his now bare chest where the quincy scar is carved, sends shivers through his body.

“Here is the key to them…”

His heart pounds like thunders. His mind races trying to reach a truth he is barely able to grasp. Hope and fear, mix. He is a king with one thousand years in his back. What use is to lie to him?

“Would you like to know? I can show you, you were born to be my successor, Uryuu, I’ve been waiting for you”
Too much to handle. Somehow, Orihime has become like an anchor to hold on in this sea of uncertainties. She is the only thing certain, her heartbeat, her warm. All of them are truths. Like the blood of his father and friends.

“Come with me, and I leave them alone”

It’s a command, not an offer.

“Come with me and I’ll show you what means to feel true power running in your veins. What you truly can do”

He lowers his head, defeated, looks at Orihime in his arms, hurt and suffering the pressure of the inmense reiatsu of his majesty.

If he goes, they live. Just for today, but that’s a better chance than nothing. This man has no mercy to give.

“Come with me… my son”

And he follows him into the darkness.


3 days later

In the dark surroundings of Wandenreich, where he has taken her, Inoue Orihime was a prisioner and at the same time she wasn't. She couldn’t leave the ice palace and she didn't want it either.
Her friends and allies were so far away now, but she didn’t feel alone at all. She was relieved, almost happy.

This was for him, the man in the throne, standing at the top of the quincy army, emperor’ successor, someone she trusted the most, a man she can count among her dearest ones. A friend, who was a living contradiction like her.

He was her friend and he wasn't.

'Drachen von Regen...', she whispered the foreign name. Tasted it with her lips and it was like tasting iron in her mouth. 'Ishida Uryuu...', called softly and a sense of loss and nostalgia went down her chest. It tasted like salt, maybe because of her tears.

He was scary but gentle with her.

Drachen or Ishida kun?, she can't tell where one ends and the other begins. Are they the same entity? In front of him, she can’t tell. He is Wandenreich Prinz sitting in the throne in Yhwach stead while the emperor sleeps in his chambers, starting to fade away. Some day, maybe in nine days or nine months, even nine years, he’ll become the King.

And around her all those eyes judge her, deeming her unworthy, useless, stupid, beautiful, strong, interesting. They whisper, and she catchs words like “the prince’s woman”, “the intruder”, “unworthy whore”, “prinzessin”; words that lost their meaning when he fixs his eyes on her, cold and penetrating, eyes that never have looked at her like this.

Is Drachen who sees her and her heart go cold.

Is she a bait?


He speaks to her. She has powers he knows well, he values what she has, her gift is rare. No shinigami, hollow or quincy have what she has. Those powers can benefit the Wandereich.

He believes in her, like Ishida kun

He wants her by his side, as his princess.

She can’t think about how her heart is thrown into confussion at his words, because displeasure erupts on some of his men. Hands reach to her, trying to erase her, to dispose of her in front of him, forgetting their position. However those hands can’t reach her, the world explodes in red in front of her and blood splash in her face and white dress, while the body fell to the ground, beheaded.

'Don't touch her...', he says with a finger extended.

The tone in his voice is murderous, dark as his own aura. They see Yhwach reflected in him.

She thinks of Ishida kun at the school, defending her from students trying to molest her. However, this way of protecting is merciless, cruel, and possessive, just like Drachen.

Ishida kun or Drachen?, Ishida kun and Drachen?.

"Pull yourself together", she says to herself fixing her eyes with his. Trying to reign on her trembling body while calling to her fairies and restorating the man in the floor closing the distance between her and this man in the throne.

"Destruction and Restoration", says someone in the room, "Talk about a good match"

“That’s antinatural,” speaks another.

Ishida kun and Drachen. He is and he isn’t.

Destruction and Restoration.

Uryuu/Drachen and Orihime.

Whoever he was, his essence was still there, not matter how much of the emperor’s will was inside him, she decides she can't leave him alone. If he is destined to destroy, then she is destined to restore.
World is all about equilibrium, that’s what Urahara san said. That’s why the soul king exist.

If that so, then she has a purpose, for the world and for him. The Ishida Uryuu she knows, loves to protect and destroy bad things, not good things or the world or their bonds.

She is not a girl anymore, she has became a princess. His princess.

Destruction followed by restoration.


Nine days after

The world was in their hands. Orihime stood next to him, with the dignity proper of Wandenreich princess, watching the landscape become white. Winter had came and they can see it at the top of the ice palace.

Shinigamis weren’t needed anymore, the world had changed. The victory was for the Quincy. Justice was made.
They could move foward now.

“To restore, we needed to destroy,” says Uryuu looking at her.

Destiny echoes between them, they were meant to be.

“So, is this beggining, Ishida kun?”

He looked at her, his companion, the only person that connected him with his current life: Prinz von Litch, Yhwach’s successor and Drachen von Regen with hi past: Ishida Uryuu.

She had believed in him, her faith had been the only thing that never shattered even in the darkest hours when the whole world turned its back on him. She was there, believing he would made things right.

“Yeah,” he said in a whisper that make her blush a light shade of pink.

He was Drake von Regen to all of them, but he was Ishida kun just for her. It made her feel at home. She could call him ‘Uryuu’ if she wanted, he has asked if she wanted to, but ‘Ishida kun’ has an intimacy formed through months and months of calling him like that. For her and she knew that even for him, it was like calling him by his first name.

“Ishida kun”, she said treasuring his name. He kissed her hand and keep holding it even after the kiss was a warm memory in their hearts.

“We’ll make things right. Quincy would dissappear soon just like the shinigamis, and then we will all became one, as we were in the beggining”

“And then everyone will be happy,” she added with a smiled looking at the new world.

Her faith in happiness waiting ahead of them was contagious and warm as the first right of light after the Winter.

“Will you be by my side?” he asked, not for the first time. “Or would you like to go with them?,” and pointed out to the sky, where Ichigo and the others were doing their part of the deal in the royal realm.

Orihime smiled, so like Ishida kun. She let go of his hand, walked away; it was a playful gesture, she twirled, facing him, hiding her hands in her back like a mischievous child, a big grin in her face.

“Prinz should stop asking me such question, since you already know the answer, don’t you?. I am Wandenreich Princess. We fought together and won. Now our hearts are one”

He didn’t got the time to answer that.

“Because you care deeply for me and I care deeply for you. Now that my heart is closer to you, I don’t want to distance it from you, never again”

He just smiled with content

“I am glad to hear, Prinzessin... Inoue san”

It feels like home, she told to herself.

They hold hands again and watched at the future that lied in front of them.

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