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IshiHime Fanart ... and Contest Reminder

I drew something!

A redraw of an old IshIHime fanart from 2005 in which I saw Ishida with wings. Since in this weeks chapter we see Ishida again and we have Quincy going Vollstandig ALL OVER THE FREAKING PLACE, it's only a matter of time before we see our boy in wings, ne?

Oh, I've waited long enough.  Eight years, maybe longer, to see Uryuu with wings.

dA linky here: http://debbiechan.deviantart.com/art/O-Clouds-Unfold-by-debbiechan-408075914
References: characters by Kubo Tite, poem "Jerusalem" by William Blake, original inspiration "The Rapture of Psyche" by Bouguereau (I saw one of his paintings live as a child): http://www.paintinghere.org/UploadPic/William_Bouguereau/big/The%20R
Dedicated to LadyCompassion for her support of IshiHime and how wonderful and encouraging she always is with developing artists. She understands how some artists are always harder on themselves than anyone else, and she does so much to inspire people to draw.

aaaaaaaand DON'T FORGET..... DEADLINE IS ISHIDA BDAY THIS COMING NOV. 6  The annual birthday contest! Fic and art this time. Read all about the Prince and Princess contest
Tags: fanart, ishihime, prince and princess contest
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