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Ancient GinRan Pronz: "Something for You"

Still going through old posts and sorting. This GinRan was never posted here. Written in 2005/06? Pure smut. I remember when Gin's character single came out and it had all the girls a-flailing.

There were two illustrations for this fic. This one by me: http://debbiechan.deviantart.com/art/Something-For-You-27769197

and this one drawn by Edge-chan and colored by me: http://debbiechan.deviantart.com/art/Gin-Ran-by-Edge-chan-60281750

Something For You

by debbiechan

Disclaimer:  I don’t own Bleach or the characters of Gin and Rangiku.  Only Kubo Tite (damn him!) knows the true story behind this haunting couple, and he’s only given his readers hints and pieces. We can speculate, though, can’t we?

Warning:  Explicit sex.  If you already know that Gin and Rangiku were together somehow before entering the Gotei 13, then there are no spoilers here.

One who calls love a beauty

Only pretends to know her true form

One who calls love an ugliness

Knew her once, but too arrogantly.  ~Kubo Tite, Bleach poem, Volume XX. *

Long ago, in a shabby district far from the Seireitei, Matsumoto Rangiku discovered that good looks didn't mean as much in Soul Society as in the Realm of the Living. Rangiku's ample curves went unnoticed for years. The insistent femininity of her full mouth and red-gold hair inspired the occasional double take, and sometimes someone would give Rangiku a fond look, as if remembering some distant delight in her blue eyes, but being a beautiful woman in the Realm of the Dead did not confer any advantages. Because most souls did not experience a hunger for food, they did not experience lust for bodies either.

Ichimaru Gin was not most souls.

“Rangiku,” he said, materializing suddenly at her desk. 

Rangiku gasped.  She hated it when higher-ups used shunpou for no good reason. Captain Hitsugaya zoomed around the building to hurry boring office tasks, but Captain Ichimaru enjoyed sneaking up and startling people on purpose.

“I have something for you.” Gin was holding a package behind his back. “Really, you need to drink more herbal tea and sleep better at nights.  You’re jumpy as an alley cat.”

“Everyone should be on guard,” Rangiku said.  She felt tired and cranky and not up for Gin’s teasing. “These drifters are strong.  Our commander should have lifted peacetime restrictions the instant it was known that a drifter had faced Ichimaru Gin and escaped.”

“Naaah, you flatter me,” Gin tossed his head and smiled and smiled. “Yama-ji scolded me terribly, and that was all he needed to do.”

It did not surprise Rangiku that even on a day when war was declared and a captain was found murdered, Gin could still smile as if it were a summer’s day and the world was his Kumamoto oyster.

“Wartime is not declared for just any old reason, Rangiku. You saw yourself this morning what chaos can come from officers given liberty to draw their zanpakutou all over the place.”

“Ugh, that was horrible.” Rangiku grimaced and pushed away a thick mass of red-gold hair in order to massage neck muscles with her fingers. “I’ve never seen Vice Captain Hinamori so upset.  Do you think she and Kira will be jailed for long?  If this is war, the Gotei 13 can not stand to lose two useful combatants.”

Gin didn’t want to talk about this morning’s scuffle between vice captains.  “Aren’t you going to ask me what it is I have for you?”  He jiggled his shoulders to call attention to the something behind his back.

Rangiku sighed. “Please, Gin.  Don’t make me guess.”

“It could be flowers or jewelry.  A new necklace maybe, and then you will be sorry you showed me such a bothered face”

He was determined to test her patience today.  Rangiku gave Gin a hard look and fingered the pendant at her bosom.  She felt a tiny triumph as Gin’s gaze dropped there.

“Fine, fine, I won’t make you guess.”  Gin revealed that he was holding a bundle of papers tied with string, and then he dropped the stack on the desk.  “I know how much you love paperwork!  This is from the fifth division, and before you get mad at me you should know that your own captain requested this work.  Good, noble, little Captain Hitsugaya.  He volunteered to take over Aizen’s duties now that the fifth is minus a leader.”  Gin paused.  “And minus a vice leader too, ne?  For however long Hinamori is in jail, poor thing.”

“Shit.” The sight of the paperwork depressed Rangiku. A state of war was bad enough, but having to maintain battle vigilance while filling out forms--

Gin leapt on the desk and sat there cross-legged, resting his elbows on his knees, smiling even more widely.  He was hundreds of years old, but long bangs made him look like a boy. He drew his hands together, the bony fingers making a five-tiered pagoda.

“What?” said Rangiku.

“I’m hungry.”

It was an intimate cue. Gin never said he was hungry without referring to the first time he had discovered Rangiku all those years ago, passed out from hunger on the dirt ground.

“You look terribly wound up,” Gin went on, “and I’ll just bet you weren’t planning to leave this office for hours, not even for a sip of water or a crust of bread.”

“So you decided to torture me with even more paperwork?”

“Actually, I was hoping that my gift would send you screaming out of this room and into my quarters for some sake and pickled things.  Or would you rather eat here?”

Rangiku held up her hands and shook her head. “Gin!”  What was it with him? Acting distant for weeks then popping by during a state of war and wanting to drink sake with her? “I’m not hungry, and no, there’s nothing to eat here.”

“Don’t lie.” He tossed his silver bangs.  “And you’ve always got sake.”

She always did.   Sake and plum wine and fine, warm awamori.  Rangiku liked to drink, but--

"The mess this morning upset you, ne?" Gin's eyes appeared, glinting, from behind slitted lids. His smile slackened a bit. "You need to relax."

Why was he so irresistible when he pretended to care about her welfare?  “Gin, there could be a captains meeting called at any moment.”  Rangiku heard the vulnerability in her own voice, and knew she was done for. “An enemy could knock down the doors…” He was looking at her breasts again.  “… at any moment.”

“That’s what makes it so exciting,” Gin said softly. He spoke his next words as if reading from a children’s storybook.  His voice was lilting and sweet. “Listen to your heart beating like a little metal drum on a festival day.”

Rangiku’s hand rose to the pendant at her neck. Gin was right.  Her heart was hammering. Her office was not a safe place.  Anyone could come in at any moment.  Captain Hitsugaya could bring in another assignment; maybe other officers would want to talk to her about the murder investigation.

Gin met her eyes and seemed delighted with what he saw there. He removed his small zanpakutou and lay the weapon, sheathed in dark wood, on the desktop.  Rangiku knew that was all he would remove. Gin loved to fuck with his captain’s robe on.

“Forget the sake,” he said. “I can make you relax without it.”

Rangiku pushed her chair away from the desk and felt her face burn. She did not have to suffer the suspense any longer, though, because Gin slid himself right off the desk and into her lap.  His thighs straddled hers, and his smile was right before her face.

Rangiku could not help but smile, albeit weakly, back.  “Didn’t you want to eat first?”

“We don’t have much time,” he said, lowering his mouth to her neck. “I’ll just have a little, little bite.”

And then his warm breath and wet tongue on her skin melted whatever resistance she had left against this foolishness.  She felt her fingers clutch his shoulders.

Gin! He was selfish and strange, annoying and unknowable, but he was the most exciting man Rangiku had ever known. He was not a physically attractive person--other officers in the Gotei 13 had broader shoulders and more handsome faces, but who among them could match Ichimaru Gin's cool, wicked, insinuating sexiness?

He cupped those skeletal white hands around her breasts and pushed the fabric of her bodice down with his thumbs. Her nipples popped up and met his face.  He nudged one with his nose and then kissed it.  He licked the other with the very tip of his tongue and then looked up to meet Rangiku’s gaze.

“This is very nice, but afterwards I am going to want some pickled things. Surely you’ve got some plums or hazelnuts around here somewhere?  You snack all the day, Rangiku--how else would you stay so round and healthy?”

“I already told you.  There’s no food.” Rangiku petted his fine silver hair. “But let’s forget food for a moment. I need to relax, remember?”

He smeared his smile into her breasts.  He swept his tongue across them, laving both with abandon before choosing the left one to suckle.  At the first sensations of his lips tugging a nipple, Rangiku felt her the heat bloom between her legs.  Within seconds, she felt drenched.

Rangiku had made it a habit to wear cleavage-accentuating clothes for years and years.  She had styled her Shinigami uniform to show off her breasts.  She wore no undergarments or bindings under her clothes so her nipples were often visible bumps. She wore a necklace with a ring pendant that fell right at the cleft of her exposed breasts.  It was all for Gin.  Not that she didn’t appreciate the looks from the other Shinigami who had incredible power and therefore felt incredible appetites, but her breasts belonged to Gin.

He knew how to dote on their beauty with his mouth.

No sooner had he aroused her into breathing noisily than he left off suckling her and began to work on untying her elaborate obi. Rangiku wore it knotted in front for Gin. The sensation of his fingers on her waist made her whole torso heave with anticipation.

The heavy sash fell to the floor with a thud, followed by the clanking sound of Rangiku’s zanpakutou falling off her waist.  Gin pulled her hakama down to only mid-thigh and knelt on the floor.  Rangiku was already sitting on the farthest edge of her chair, her red-gold crotch jutting forward.

He ate her.

He had the most wide and talented mouth.   He had a way of humming little happy noises against her swollen vulva that sent tiny vibrations through her whole body.  He had a tongue that was lithe and long as the rest of him, and he worked it inside her.  Rangiku began to sigh in long, panting breaths.  She couldn’t make much noise; it was midday and people were all about the tenth division building.

Gin pulled his tongue out of her and nibbled her clit briefly before standing up to adjust his hakama.

The absence of his body on hers for a moment was agonizing, but then he was fucking her, and his arms were around her, and his tongue was in her mouth.  He was moving furiously, fully clothed, and Rangiku’s hands were sliding up and down his back, searching for skin.  She had to bring her hands to his front and push aside folds and folds of fabric before she found a piece of warm nakedness.  Her fingertips brushed the short hairs under his navel, and then her hands grabbed his slender waist and held on.

When he stopped kissing her for a moment and threw his head back, she could see that he was still smiling, even though he was huffing with exertion.  Then his mouth met hers again, and she could feel his grunting noises reverberate in her own throat.  Her thighs rose to clasp his sides.  He was so skinny she felt as if she could crack his ribs with her strong legs, but she knew that Ichimaru Gin’s power was rumored to be among the greatest in the thirteen squads.  It never failed to thrill her when that power struggled between her legs.  Gin groaned, and Rangiku felt the first wave of her orgasm rise in her lower body.

“Gin,” she managed to say as his lips slid off hers.  “I’m--” Then he kissed her again, and she moaned into his mouth as she came, deep and hard, arching her back and feeling her head and shoulders hanging over the back of the chair.  No balance, no handhold.

He slipped his hands under her arms and drew her flailing body closer.  He thrust with great emphasis into her a few more times, and then he was still.

Reality reemerged, and Rangiku was aware of sitting with the third division captain’s body slumped over hers in an office chair.

“Ohhhh, ” said Gin in a breathless voice.  “That was quick.”

She knew he was through with her for the day.  She fought the urge to make small talk.  She was not going to say another word.  Let him negotiate the awkwardness of exiting her office.

“Do you want that cup of sake now?” he asked.

Rangiku pulled fabric up to cover her breasts.  “Alright,” she said.

Gin made sure to put his zanpakutou back on before walking the few steps to Rangiku’s cabinet.  He knew where she kept the sake. “No pickled things!” he exclaimed as he drew back drawer after drawer. “You weren’t deceiving me about there being no food.  I’m still famished for pickled things, though.  A captain needs sustenance, especially during a war.” He grabbed a sake bottle by the neck with his right hand and picked up a tiny cup with his left.  As he was sweeping aside papers to make room on the desk for the bottle, his hand stopped on a sealed envelope.

“My, my, my,” Gin said.  “I didn’t bring this to you.  It’s a letter from Captain Aizen.”

Rangiku, retying her obi, felt a tiny panic.  She had just finished sharing her body with Gin, but she could not trust this man with information about that letter.

Gin poured one cup of sake and handed it to her.  Gin rarely drank.  He had been pouring cups of sake for Rangiku since a time before either one of them knew about the existence of the Seireitei or the Gotei 13.

“The letter is dated yesterday,” Gin said as Rangiku shot back her cup.  “It’s very good evidence, isn’t it?   Your captain was in Aizen’s quarters this morning, but I was under the impression that he already turned all his findings over to the police.”

“Please,” said Rangiku.  “It’s a matter of honor.  Aizen addressed that letter to Hinamori.”

“Ohhhh, I see.  The honorable Captain Hitsugaya is trying to protect his childhood friend Hinamori Momo?”  Gin’s delighted face was back.  He had something new to taunt Rangiku with.

“Gin, please.  It’s a personal letter.  The police will get it eventually, but my captain gave it to me.”  She hesitated. Gin already knew the letter was valuable, so she needed to convince him to let her keep it.  “My captain asked me to deliver it to Hinamori today. It hasn’t been opened.  My captain thought….” Was there any explaining the delicacy of such a situation to Gin?

“Don’t worry,” said Gin abruptly.  He placed his hand on the pommel of his zanpakutou. “I have complete faith in you and in your good Captain Hitsugaya.  The two of you would never do anything so dishonorable as tampering with evidence.” Gin dropped his smile for a moment.  “You heard your captain threaten me today, right? He’s so devoted to his little Hinamori Momo. It must have taken all his willpower not to sneak a peek at whatever Aizen had to say to her.”  His chin gestured to the letter on the desk.  “Perhaps they are words of poetry.  Captain Aizen, may his soul ride on the eternal river, was always such a poet, ne?”


He was gone.  The door to her office was cracked open, and there was only the faintest scent of his reiatsu left in the room.

As always, Rangiku was left with the feeling that she had forgotten to tell Gin something important.


Shunpou: named after a scroll-painting stroke, an extremely fast movement achieved by top Shinigami

Reiatsu: spirit power

*Even though I don’t know Japanese, I took the liberty of translating Kubo’s poem into tetrameter based on translations I’ve seen.  I wanted to capture the succinct catch-22-ness of the little verse.   There’s debate as to who is voicing the poem.  Because it appears below a drawing of Gin, some say that it’s Gin who speaks here.  Others, like Chira Chira insist that the speaker is Byakuya because the dialect is formal, not the kansai-ben that Gin speaks.  Byakuya’s romantic backstory is indeed revealed in volume 20, but I happen to think that there is no character speaker for the poem, as is the case with a few of Kubo’s volume poems.  The theme speaks for several of the characters whose angsty pasts came to a head in this volume, and I think it fits very well with the goodbye Gin gives Matsumoto in chapter 178.  Gin is all about duplicity, after all.

By the way, this story was written while listening to Ichimaru Gin’s three songs in the Bleach Beat collection.  My favorites so far--they’re even better than the Ishida songs. I get goosebumps every time I hear “Urahara, Urahara” and the shopkeeper’s name in this case means “I’m inconsistent, inconsistent” in Japanese.  * fangurls * Yusa Kouji, I want to marry you and have your cartoon baaaaabies! I don’t know how Kubo Tite managed this skinny creepy sexy man phenomenon, but Ichimaru Gin is one wonderful character!

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