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24 August 2013 @ 04:53 pm
A lovely fanart of Uryuu  
So when Alexandria (quaedam) told me that saniika was in need and offering commissions, I jumped! Her work is amazing!

I commissioned an illustration for my fanfic  Neun Momente, Eine Nacht (Rated M or NC17 Warnings for yaoi, dub-con. Erotic asphyxiation, D/s. Yhwach/Haschwalth/Ishida (in that combination). Set in manga timeline, the night before Chapter 546 “The Last Nine Days.”  Not exactly PWP, warnings for poetry).
This is the lovely, lovely drawing I watched being inked and colored on livestream today:


You can see more of saniika's work here: http://saniika.deviantart.com/

I wasn’t going to write more in my “Leichtigkeit des Seins” series with Uryuu but after just watching this drawing on livestream this afternoon, I’m full of wicked ideas for another one-shot! There goes my weekend! <3 I go back to teaching on Monday, but this semester looks lighter than last spring. I'm working on cleaning up this fanblog, my website and finishing up some Bleach fanworks because my favorite manga still brings me lots of happy happy fun timez!

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nehalenianehalenia on August 25th, 2013 09:18 pm (UTC)
That is some very, VERY lush art. The coloring is just gorgeous. It reminds me of what Uryuu would look like if Bleach was a western comic instead of a manga. Haschwalth's hand and arm are especially awesome.

As for more Haschwalth/Uryuu fic, woo hoo! I'm all for that! A couple of lines in "Midnight to Daybreak" about Haschwalth teaching Uryuu certain things really got my brain running. XD
_debbiechan_: Haschwalth_debbiechan_ on August 26th, 2013 01:40 am (UTC)

I'm pretty much over the moon over this art. The expression in his face--his eyes, the blissed out but perplexed look. Haschwalth's hand the moment he grabs Ishida's face and whispers "Angel, the sky waits to be swept by your wings." The details of the raised scar. It's wonderful work--I'm such a fan of semi-realism and always so happy to see work in a different than usual cel-shaded anime style.

This drawing made my whole week.

Also, Haschwalth--I can't let him go. Damn.