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11 August 2013 @ 10:54 am
So skilly_n_duff just left my house. She's always believed Bleach would last 15 years because "15" is the number of Bleach, and we're in the final arc now, and it looks like we have just about 3 years left of story--so yeah, I think she may be right. I thought the time was right a new predictions CRYSTAL BALL post. Make your predictions in the comments. We may reward winners with prizes as predictions come true! :D

As for the dumb poll, just mark the ones you agree with:

Poll #1928602 Thousand Year Arc Dumb Poll

Thousand Year Arc Dumb Poll: Check What You Agree With!

Keigo takes Ichigo to BAD SHIELD concert at long last!
Kubo totally forgets that big ass dangling clue of Kiyone mentioning that Rukia made a visit to the Living World with her and NEVER SHOWS THE FLASHBACK.
Akon becomes 12th division captain because guys with horns--totally sexy.
Renji gets a power-up only to get one-shotted in his first fight with a Stern Ritter.
Because Kubo has to out-do the Aquarium Head fight, Rukia won't fight a Quincy fodder babe--she'll fight a really strong Stern Ritter.
Rukia lame-o fight.
Because Kubo is a sadist, Ishida will lose an appendage before he can be truly awesome--probably his second Quincy wing.
Uryuu freaking OWNS Ichigo/stomps on SS; power level fanbois scream PLOTKAI! NO WAY IS URYUU THAT POWERFUL! HE'S WEEEEAK! ASSPULL!
Yachiru ban kai brings Bleach ratings back to number one with its kawaii!!
Grimmjow for King (Harribel dies or abdicates)
Ryuuken is too sexy for this world so he dies taking out some bad guys.
Ulquiorra returns, yes?
Ulquiorra no return, no no no.
Urahara and Yoruichi shown with their kittens in time skip chapter!

I have two predictions, one serious, one kinda cracky.

My cracky one, more hopeful than anything, made on Tumblr: Regarding Unohana, It’s because her ban kai is so…. weird. And we don’t know wtf it exactly does… and because she hasn’t used it on an enemy… that I’m starting to believe she may live (only to die in battle like I predicted long ago).

My serious one, my solid bet one, made yesterday on Deathberry: Ishida and Orihime will be endgame. I wrote this:

I think it might be useful for this thread to narrow down how Kubo in general treats romantic relationships. Skilly_n_Duff is visiting me at the moment and we were discussing romance in Bleach (among many other Bleach things :D ) just today. It does appear that Sensei values relationships that grow from friendships, slowly. Witness canon ones Isshin/Masaki and Ryuuken/Katagiri. There was always a distance between Gin and Ran and it ended tragically. There was a distance between Ulquiorra and Orihime and it was as vast as Arrancar and Human BUT IT COULD BE OVERCOME--the tragedy was that war and time and Ichigo's hollow and Orihime's own selfishness and so many other factors brought the lust arc to the apex where Orihime reached for Ulquiorra's hand as he was reaching for her and that connection LITERALLY dissolved from her fingers. The next time she reaches for a hand (the first time she reached was for Ichigo's in SS in the sky over the Seireitei) she'll have it.

I do believe (OTP promotion time) that Kubo has set up Ishida and Orihime to be end-game. Their relationship started with several romance tropes-spending many days together in SS learning to work together, the "It Happened One Night" curtain separating them when they slept at night, the humor and Ishida blushing at a near nudity scene. Then he has rescued her so many times I've lost count where she ignores him to the point it's become a joke--all the more frustrating for the audience and all the bigger pay-off when she finally does notice him.

Since this is an IchiRuki forum, I'll have to repeat what most people on here already know and that the best attributes of a romantic relationship are enbodied in the IchiRuki relationship. It's NOT YET ROMANCE. Romance isn't hearts and flowers and certainly not the Prince Saving the Princess (it won't be for Ishida and Orihime either--his saving her hasn't made her notice him one tiny bit, have you noticed?) . In fact, Sensei almost takes every opportunity to make FUN of that sort of romance. Ichigo telling Rukia on the bridge that she's supposed to play the damsel and scream "save me" and her telling him to go back and save himself. Their intimacy lies elsewhere and their relationship has grown in ways peripheral to the main story , but in some ways, the IchiRuki bond will always be the core of Bleach. Kubo returns time and time again to it, even if only metaphorically as he did in this Isshin gaiden to show us how a true relationship is slowly formed--with Isshin and Masaki's souls LITERALLY bonded to one another.

So, tell me your predictions in the comments. There may be prizes like doodles, graphics, drabbles if your predictions come true!
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Between the Mountains and the Seaanat_astarte on August 11th, 2013 04:23 pm (UTC)
Beautiful post!
I agree.
Green BladeGreen Blade on August 12th, 2013 06:37 am (UTC)
Hasn't Kubo said once that IchiRuki are a platonic couple at best and won't become anything more than that? Hints were dropped that Ichigo is going to stay in SS forever, but I doubt it'll serve the pairing any good. Personally, I'd like to see a RenRuki ending, but it seems like Rukia herself isn't suited for any kind of romantic relationship. (Fillers tend to ignore this bit and I hate them for that.)

IshiHime doesn't sound like a good option either, for the exact reason you wrote above: Orihime fails to acknowledge everything Uryu has done for her and still longs for that douchebag Ichigo. Now I'm not saying that I want Uryu to die by the end of this arc - quite the opposite, and it's not like I don't wish him happiness. My firm belief is that he deserves a woman better than this airhead Orihime. Unless she proves herself worthy to be with Uryu, I'm strongly against this pairing.

But enough with the shipping BS. Time to predict how the plot unfolds! As I said earlier, I don't want Uryu to die. That is because I want him to become the full-fledged ruler of the Quincies and change Wandenreich for the better. Uryu was raised by his grandfather Soken who taught him the ways of the Quincy, and his beliefs were drastically different from those Yhwach plant among his people. Naturally, it means that all of bad Quincies will have to die for that to happen, and it's obvious that Yhwach must be one of them. (At the same time, I don't want Hashwalth to die - he is an interesting character and I'm curious if he can coexist with Uryu.)

- Urahara and/or Mayuri will develop anti-bankai-stealing countermeasures. Which leads to...
- We will see everyone's bankai. Not Kenpachi, no, but I imagine the rest of the captains will show theirs. Urahara, too.
- Kyoraku and Ukitake will go bankai together, and I imagine they'll do so against Yhwach.
- Captains who lost their bankai will get them back.
- Byakuya will strike As Nodt with Senkei and then with Shukei: Hakuteiken, because As seems like the person to be worthy of Byakuya's oath to kill him with his own hands. (Byakuya did speak something about regaining the pride he lost after getting out of Tenjiro's hot springs.) If it somehow happens while both Byakuya and As Nodt are able to wield Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, all the better.
- Rukia will achieve bankai. Because it's about damn time.
- Because his zanpakuto has been reforged and is at full power, Ichigo no longer needs his Hollow mask because he is already in permanent Visored mode.
- Five special war potentials have something to do with the fact that there are also five members of Squad 0.
- We will see flashbacks of Yhwach and Yamamoto's battle from 1000 years ago. (Old man Zangetsu versus black-haired Yama-jii... Squee!)
- Mayuri is working on Kira's body and making him into a cyborg. One Piece has Franky, Bleach will have Kira! SUPER!
- Orihime will heal Kyoraku's eye.
- Grimmjow looks differently than before. (Is there anyone who dares say it's not him with Team Urahara in Hueco Mundo?)
- Stern Ritter L's ability is "the Lullaby", the ability to put enemies to sleep. X is "the Xerox", cloning. Candice Catnipp the T is "the Thunder", lightning-based abilities.
oh gallant piglet,: CRAAAABSaizome on August 12th, 2013 01:47 pm (UTC)
"Hasn't Kubo said once that IchiRuki are a platonic couple at best and won't become anything more than that?"

No, he hasn't said that. Shippers who dislike Ichigo and Rukia as a couple have said that, but Kubo has not.

"- Rukia will achieve bankai. Because it's about damn time.
- Because his zanpakuto has been reforged and is at full power, Ichigo no longer needs his Hollow mask because he is already in permanent Visored mode."


"- Mayuri is working on Kira's body and making him into a cyborg. One Piece has Franky, Bleach will have Kira! SUPER!"

I LOL'd IRL! Thank you for that. XD I doubt it will happen, but now I would love to see some fan comics of this scenario!

(Sorry for the double-comment. It's Monday morning here and I'm not awake yet.)

Edited at 2013-08-12 01:48 pm (UTC)
nehalenianehalenia on August 12th, 2013 08:34 am (UTC)
Ahh, Bleach predictions! Such fun to think about and yet so frustrating as we wait for some of them -- any of them -- to come true. For me, it's always an exercise in optimism vs pessimism -- what I want to see happen vs what I think will actually happen. I do think there are a few safe bets tho:

1. Keigo will never go to a Bad Shield concert with Ichigo. Or to the beach with the gang. All Keigo wants is the normal experiences of a high school boy, but he's stuck with a bunch of people who go on interdimensional field trips without him. Poor Keigo.

2. I decided to be optimistic about Akon becoming Div 12 captain because it would mean Mayuri actually bites it. I'm still not 100% sure Kubo will kill him but I have a good feeling that whatever freak-of-nature he's working on in his private lab (and I'm betting it's made of Quincy parts -- with maybe some Arrancar bits thrown in) will prove his undoing.

3. Power ups & bankais: Renji will finally succeed in pwning something -- but it will happen off-screen. Rukia: I'd like to see her bankai but I'm on the fence on whether we'll get to. Kenpachi -- yep, we'll see his bankai, there's too much build up for us not to. Kubo's already confirmed that he speaks to his sword & gets its name. And since his sword has always been in shikai mode, the only place for it to go is bankai. Hisagi -- we'll get to see his, too. Bankais, bankais everywhere. I just hope each bankai doesn't take a full chapter to show off.

4. Ulquiorra: I've never thought Kubo was done with this character. IF that dissolving into ash + handreach scene was all he gets, well, it's still pretty good, but I just can't shake the feeling that wasn't the end of it.

5. Ryuuken will live. I used to think he'd die, but he seems pretty committed to staying out of Shinigami business (unlike his son.) My big prediction is that we'll see him again for his own flashback arc -- a counterpoint to Isshin's that fills in the holes left in the story, like what happened to the Ishida household and what really caused Ryuuken to turn again the Quincy and his father.

6. I fully believe that when the new powers take effect, Uryuu will be scary powerful, and that when he meets Ichigo for the mano a mano battle that's been hanging fire over the two of them since the Contest and the Menos fight, he will stomp Ichigo but good. It won't last tho. I like Megan's idea that Uryuu will shoot 19 millimeters to the right of Ichigo's heart (just like Ryuuken did to reawaken his Quincy powers) and this will cause Things To Happen.

7. Another Quincy prediction: Uryuu's Final Holy Form (or w/e they called it) will be much, much prettier than Opie Kirge's. (Please, Kubo, if nothing else, let that be true.)

8. As for pairings, I agree with Deb's assessment. It may happen in an epilogue, but I believe we'll see just what happened in the Everything But the Rain flashback arc repeat itself. In the past we had Isshin >< Masaki < Ryuuken < Katagiri, this time we'll have Rukia >< Ichigo < Orihime < Uryuu. Of course for this to happen, Rukia & Ichigo will have to stop being two of the most tsundere characters ever & (just like Ryuuken) Orihime will have to accept that she & Ichigo are not going to happen (which, honestly, I think she already knows) and recognize the true feelings of the person who's been devoted to her all along. Yes, it needs some development, but think it will happen. For a start, Orihime's reaction when she finds out that Uryuu has "betrayed" them and gone off with the VR will be very telling. As will her reaction when Ichigo and Uryuu face off.

Is that enough for now?

I still have my fingers crossed that we'll find out how, when, and why Urahara put the hougyoku in Rukia, and I trust that Kiyone's remark will be explained just as other tiny clues have been of late.
nehalenia: chad interp dancenehalenia on August 12th, 2013 08:44 am (UTC)
Oops, one more prediction:

Yumichika and Ikkaku will both show their full, true powers. Ikkaku's bankai's already the worst kept secret in Soul Society, so it won't take much for him to finally cop to it. Yumichika's situation is a bit more delicate. Since Kubo loves him some cheesy relationship angst and has already established how attached Yumi is to Ikkaku, it will come down to one of those Kobiyashi Maru moments where both options suck. Probably he'll have to use his true kido-based shikai in order to save Ikkaku's life. And of course, in much the same way that no one really seems to give a crap about Ikkaku having bankai, Kenpachi and Ikkaku will both probably go "WTF did you hide that ability for, idiot?"

oh gallant piglet,: yumichikaaizome on August 12th, 2013 01:52 pm (UTC)
I want this so badly, you have no idea how much!
oh gallant piglet,: bacardicaraizome on August 12th, 2013 01:58 pm (UTC)
Ulquiorra WILL be back. His return will probably not satisfy most Bleach fans (be they for or against it. Hey, what DOES satisfy most Bleach fans these days?), but he will be back, and he will be useful.

I love the Yoruichi and Urahara With Kittens option. I think I would legit break something inside me from laughing if that actually took place. XD
andrew_jpandrew_jp on August 12th, 2013 02:00 pm (UTC)
1. No idea.

2. Don't recall this at all.

3. Is Akon even a shinigami? I've always been under the impression that he and his underlings are civilian employees.

4. The time for one-shotting of any kind was the beginning of this arc. Renji will eventually come up short against somebody, but it'll be more drawn out.

5. Is this some kind of internalized sexism? I'm sure some of the Sternritter girls are plenty strong.

6. Nah, Kubo's gotta make up for her Xcution fight, doesn't he?

7. Never bet against dismemberment of any kind in Bleach.

8. Maybe, though I expect Uryuu's power increase will have an explanation. Bleach's power level inconsistencies have mostly revolved around Kenpachi, and Kubo went out of his way to explain that during the Unohana duel.

9. If Yachiru has a bankai it's going to be super vicious-looking for contrast.

10. Sounds like Kubo.

11. Grimmjow for King (political marriage to Harribel).

12. Almost, but Isshin saves him and gives him an angry spiel about giving up on life and taking stupid risks. Ryuuken survives and subsequently quits smoking.

13-14. I've said before I expect Ulquiorra back eventually, and I stand by that.

15. You mean their children? I really don't know either way.
_debbiechan_: soi fong_debbiechan_ on August 12th, 2013 02:27 pm (UTC)

>5. Is this some kind of internalized sexism? I'm sure some of the Sternritter girls are plenty strong.

Nope. Not internalized sexism. WSJ vs female readers of series who are tired of seeing the standard chick vs chick fights, esp like the "story-based" last one in which Rukia turned into a plush and won a moral victory over Rukia?

The Stern Ritter girls may be plenty strong, so we want to see ass-kicking. Kubo can write them--as in what he called the "small boobs vs big boobs" (sexist? Naaah, just Kubo and his boob thing, right) fight of Yoruichi vs Sui Feng. Now THAT was a good fight. But whoever Rukia fights we'd like to see her fight someone significant. Right now only Bambi seems like a significant opponent--the girls in her bed chamber weren't lettered, I believe.

So, no, Andrew, long-story short, no self-internalized sexism here. Just frustration with how gals get portrayed and used in shounen fighting manga.
_debbiechan_: alejandro_debbiechan_ on August 12th, 2013 02:35 pm (UTC)

oh yeah, the girls were--didn't remember bc I didn't pay them much mind. They displeased me so much with their appearance (more fodder--the only one I like is Bambietta). Whiny wants-Bambi-to-leave-her-guys-alive-to-fuck chick was annoying. The little girl who made a mess with her candies was annoying to me too. I don't want to see Rukia fight another stereotype--at least Riruka (who I liked) had a whole arc of character development to cushion her annoyingness and a great backstory. These chicks are fodder. I want someone to take them all out with one pinky finger. I don't care about them.

Bambi--she's all right. I want some guy, though, to get her back for all her guy-slaying ways.
Danielwdboldstar on August 13th, 2013 12:17 am (UTC)
The three biggest things I'm banking on is that:

A) Rukia WILL get Bankai and WILL use it to take out at least one major Stern Ritter. I'm guessing Bambietta is most likely, tho Rukia has taken out guys before, so maybe she'll get really lucky and get Haschwaldt. Then again, I'm kind of thinking Haschwaldt might do a heel-face turn.

B) Ulquiorra WILL return. That whole Lanza thing and the fact he didn't get a flashback (Unless you count that whole canon Ulquihime Doujin thing) are both really strong arguments in favor of his return. I have a feeling that he'll show up and fire a perfect Lanza in the middle of the last battle at some point, probably saving someone's life, likely Orihime's (To complete his transition from jailer to protecter).

C) The Spirit King will turn out to be evil (Thus, Aizen's "How can you serve that thing?" to Urahara) or at least incredibly unnatural, and Ichigo will have to fight him, possibly to rescue the Kuchikis and Renji. He might even turn out to be real end boss, eclipsing Juha.

Shipwise, Ichiruki is honestly the one (currently technically nonexistent) ship I'm most solidly convinced will happen. Ishihime definitely has a very strong chance, though I also can't help but wonder if Ulquihime is in the cards, should Ulquiorra come back. It's kind of the redemptive love vs. friendship argument. Both are pretty solid at this point. Ishihime has had more development, but Ulquihime has the intensity in spades.

Although now I just REALLY want Timeskip Kittens. And Ururu and Jinta as proud older siblings.

Edited at 2013-08-13 12:18 am (UTC)
nehalenianehalenia on August 13th, 2013 04:03 am (UTC)
Ahh, okay, everyone loves the idea of Timeskip Kittens, so I feel a bit like a killjoy saying this, but...

Guys, Yoruichi's cat form is male.

So, unless Urahara can somehow turn himself into a female cat (a trick that I wouldn't put past him), YoruHara kittens are probably not in the cards.

As for the Spirit King, I dunno if he's gonna turn out to be evil exactly. He may be a creature that is beyond our understanding. Him wanting to eat Ichigo (which I suspect is why he's interested in him) might not seem "evil" to him or even to Zero Squad or even to SS, for all we know.

One thing I've always thought, though, is that Aizen is going to get his wish. He's going to sit upon the throne of Heaven. It's just that he'll do it from inside the belly of the Soul King, who'll probably end up eating Aizen instead of Ichigo (thus the reason that Aizen -- much like Gollum -- was left alive.)

Either that or Aizen & the Soul King will merge into one being which is then shoved back into its crystal prison where it will contemplate the wonders of the universe while drooling.
_debbiechan_: fandom kittyphile_debbiechan_ on August 13th, 2013 09:51 am (UTC)

no no no no no "People think that because of the way I talk" said Yoruichi so the cat form wasn't male--the anime just reinforces that. But it's not that way in the manga.


The business with "that thing" was a mistranslation, I believe, so who knows who the Soul King is. He looks utterly alien. I suspect he's crazy more than benevolent or malevolent. Off his rocker/throne, so to speak.
Danielwdboldstar on August 14th, 2013 06:16 am (UTC)
Aw, Mistranslation? There goes that theory. Still, he DOES seem pretty unnatural, so it may be a "more force of nature than sentient being" thing, maybe?