_debbiechan_ (_debbiechan_) wrote in bleachness,

Pix of Kubo-sensei

Just the other day I was looking around for pix of Kubo Tite and couldn't find anything but that same old one where he's Ishida-skinny.... and of course, that one of me and him at the prom

I knew that there were pix of him with Morita, pix where he looked healthier (we the fans can congratulate ourselves for having fed him by buying Bleach merchandise), but I couldn't find them. Lucky for me, just when I needed a more recent pic of Kubo for ... erm.... more prom art, Riekie at BA found a Youtube vid of him and I took screencaps. Here's one.

You know he'd be styling. He still has the Ichigo-dyed hair.

Kubo icon:

In the Memories of Nobody Premiere vid he is saying something about how he doesn't speak Japanese.
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