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Rukia fanart for Annie

Eid Mubarak and Happy Birthday to the best friend anyone could ask for--my Annie! <3

I drew this for her last week and this morning I tried to fix some of the mistakes. Megan is visiting right now. She's just graduated with a degree in animation and is a supremo artist and I only asked for help with one little thing with this drawing. I know there are other mistakes with it, but I can only do so much. If I could put all my love for Annie into my drawings, you would see art like Da Vinci's but... anyway:


Megan is the delightful skilly_n_duff  nd we're having the LOVELIEST TIME. Right now it is raining, blowing purple and white blossoms from my seven crape myrtle trees all over. Megan got to see my KUBO AUTOGRAPH and drawing of Ishida and we talked BLEACH, BLEACH, BLEACH and watched a Bollywood movie last night and my daughter fell asleep on the floor and my dog loves tummy rubs from new people in the house and we ate vegetarian jambalaya and tomorrow Megan is making pumpkin pancakes for breakfast before synagogue. She's also helping me plan DEEBIE-CON this Spring 2014 wherein strange people will pilgramage to my home to watch more Bollywood and eat vegetarian and talk .... about Ishida Uryuu, yes.
Tags: deebie-con, fanart, rukia
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