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THANK YOU SO MUCH TO yorleni FOR THE NEW BANNER. Yorlenisama did our last banner and promised me a new one as soon as I saw a panel I loved and haha, this Quincy arc had so many, but that one of Ishida with his under-age drinking of sake (or whatever Sternritter juice Yhwach gave him--dude probably slipped the lad a roofie) is a winner.

The original art is by Kubo-sensei; the vector lineart is by http://necrofusion123.deviantart.com/ and click the cut to see Yorleni's original coloring for the banner.

In other news, I'M BAAAAAAAACK. Sick as a dog as always but the daughter is in summer camp and I have some time and plans to get kicking with this community again. I have some fic in the works and some drawings and I'm so enthusiastic about recent manga developments (namely, Mayuri's Frankenstein, Ichigo's saying "farewell," the hijinks in the Royal Realm and the clues about what the dense reishi there may really mean, and of course all the QUINCY QUINCY QUINCY). The move to Dreamwidth for bleachness didn't go over so smoothly, so I'm going to see what I'll do there. Fandom seems to be hopping on Tumblr lately, so I may get an alternate blog. Stay posted.

I came home from an exhausting wild goose chase in the wild world the other day to find a precious chibi Ishida present from yorleni only the day after she'd given me the new banner and Ishida icons, so wow, Ishida Ishida Ishida! It's been a crummy week, I have to say--in RL and what with news of Zimmerman walking in Florida and so many depressing court decisions in my country. Nothing like Ishida Ishida Ishida to cheer me. This little guy--ah, look at him. :D

More art news! There's a lovely contest for my OTP of OTPs going on at dA. I worked on an entry last week on my wonky tablet and ended up doing the coloring in pencil. It's here on my Tumblr account.  I redid it for the contest (bonus points for working on half-dead tablet?): Sternritter Dream 2 by debbiechan

There are a few other entries already and the contest closes on July 24!  ENTERRRRRRRRR:  http://ladycompassion.deviantart.com/journal/Art-Contest-Premium-Membership-Prizes-379981628
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