_debbiechan_ (_debbiechan_) wrote in bleachness,

Verdict on the Anime, 145 spoilers

I'm watching the anime again because, well, I have to. There's so much Ishida action.

I'm a great lover of the boobage in Bleach so I was greatly disappointed when Yoruichi was covered up and then Soi Fong. Depriving boob fans of Halibel's great Arrancar outfit is a travesty, though.

It hurts.... it really does. Halibel's bottom boobs are missing.

Which makes me wonder how further HM happenings are going to be censored. They may as well cut out Szayel altogether.

Oh, he had a sexy voice. That was good. Also, when Nel appeared for the first time in the anime, I wanted to pick her up and squish her for all the squee she's given me in the manga. Nel, very very very good character. And to think that at first I thought she was an echo of Wonderweiss' character design. Nel made the HM arc for me. Made the prolonged fights bearable, that is....

If Perriot censors the Nel boobies, I will throw things.

Pr0ntober drabbles coming along at the pace of the HM arc.... sorry
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